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CONSERVATIVE ROW C FOR MAYOR CITY OF ALBANY NY November 5, 2013 Election U S Navy Veteran BS Geography, U Wisconsin (Korean GI Bill) MA Geography, U Minnesota (National Fellowship) 30 years as founder and president, Buckingham Pond/ Crestwood Neighborhood Assoc. maintaining/improving neighborhood residential integrity and quality of life. Leadership resulted in creation of Buckingham Pond Park in 1993-94, as well as many other open spaces. See bpcnanews.blogspot.com for list of leadership results. Neighborhood website: bpcnanews.blogspot.com/ see also: albanycityconservative.blogspot.com

Thursday, April 27, 2006

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH/PATROL STATUS REPORT April 27, 2006 Over 200 homes, strategically located, in our neighborhood, have been selected as fixed observation posts to keep an eye on their immediate surrounding for any signs of suspicious activities . They have been provided with telephone numbers for the Albany Police West Station (which patrols our neighborhood) and the NYS Ant-Terror Hotline. Another 100 locations will be added to this observation network in the coming weeks. We are currently enlisting dog walkers, and others who travel the neighborhood on foot or bike or car, to serve as part of our Neighborhood Patrol carrying at all times, their trusty cell phones programmed to the APD and Anti-Terror Hotline numbers. LET THIS BE KNOWN TO ALL - OUR NEIGHBORHOOD IS OFF LIMITS TO CRIME, CRIMINALS AND TERRORISTS. GO AHEAD AND MAKE OUR DAY! Joe Sullivan BPNA President


BUCKINGHAM POND PARK. WHAT TO DO? A PLAN OF ACTION. The park needs work and neighbors have a role to play in park improvement. THE WEST END of the park -from the holding pond, corner of Berkshire and Davis to Greenway, requires the following actions: (1) clean and fence the holding pond for safety; (2) repair the split rail fence that was damaged by an out of control vehicle; (3) improve and extend the gravel pathway alongside Davis Ave for the entire length of the park boundary. THE BIG QUESTION is should this portion of the park remain a natural area and habitat for wildlife and birds or should it be improved with pathways etc.? HOMEOWNERS bordering the park on Milner and Davis should be canvassed to determine their views regarding this question, because they are the most directly impacted. ONE THING FOR SURE -this part of the park SHOULD NOT BE A PLACE FOR TEENS TO HANG OUT DRINK, DO DRUGS etc. This problem can be dealt with by HOMEOWNERS along Milner and Davis and APARTMENT DWELLERS in Stonehenge Apts being enlisted in our neighborhood watch. All they have to do is observe what goes on at different times of the day or night, and call the APD when necessary. THE RAFT'S WAY section of the park (1) contains a lot of litter and yard wastes , some it attributable to neighbors residing on Colonial Ave. (2) The Milner Ave foot bridge area and Milner at Raft's Way has become a gathering place for teens to hang out, party, make noise and litter. (3) The park lighting needs improvement, particularly the light by the foot bridge, which is often out. (4) A blue light emergency call box should be place in this location. (5)The flower pots at either end of the foot bridge need to be cleaned, planted and graffiti removed. There is also graffiti on several of the utility poles or fixtures along Raft's Way. (6) The wildflower area and trees planted on the pond dredgings needs improvement to insure survival of the trees and maintenance of a diversity of wild flowers . (7) the pathways need improvement, particularly the Milner Ave foot bridge path. HOMEOWNERS living on those portions of Milner and Colonial Aves and Holmes Dale can play a role in dealing with these issues and needed improvements, as well as participating in our Neighborhood Watch/Patrol. THE SOUTH SHORE POND AREA bordered by Bekshire South between Lenox and Euclid needs work. (1) The wooden bulk heading along the lower path needs to be replaced with a more durable one - stone, with some fill and plants like Red Dogwood that can stablize that part of the shore. (2) the pathway needs to be restored and that portion by the steep slope at the foot of Lenox should be made more pedestrian friendly. It is a fall hazard because of loose gravel, and when the weather is wet or icy. (3) litter and yard wastes exist along the hillside bordering the pathway. (4) graffiti needs to be removed from the guard rails at the foot of Euclid. This guard rail has also been damaged by out of control speeding traffic coming down the hill on Euclid. (4) The pond shoreline, EAST END bend, is also in need of stabilization, including plantings. SECURITY can be improved by: (A) HOMEOWNERS on Berkshire and Lower Lenox. Euclid and Kakely (overlooking the pond) being more observant and calling the APD as necessary and B) installing a blue light emergency phone at the foot of Lenox, South side of pond, and, perhaps, one at the foot of Euclid, North side of pond . THE NORTH SHORE POND is in pretty good shape. (1) some shoreline stablization is needed (2) a bench or two would be nice (3) some people who walk small dogs along this sector need to be more responsible and thoughtful of others, by cleaning up after their dogs . (4) DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS AND GEESE - their droppings become a disease hazard, particularly with Bird Flu on the way. Bird welfare creates a dependency situation and the birds suffer in winter when no one braves the cold to feed them. THE SEMI-CIRCLE GROVE AREA (foot of Colonial) , North side of pond (1) is a hangout for drifters, drug dealers and graffiti artists at night. There should be no loitering after dark. HOMEOWNERS and STONEHENGE APT RESIDENTS can improve SECURITY along the POND NORTH SHORE by being observant, participating in our Neighborhood Watch, and calling the APD West Station when necessary . (2) a blue light emergency phone at this location is necessary. THE CHILDREN'S PLAY AREA West of semi-circle, Noth side of pond, is well utilized. (1) TWO SAFETY QUESTIONS? Firstly, install a guard rail to protect children and pedestrians along the section of pond park from Davis to Colonial. Berkshire is a regular speed way and an out of control vehicle could cause a tradgedy at the play area. Secondly, how much of a hazard is the underground natural gas line that runs along the park boundary at this section? POND WATER QUALITY is an issue. Road salt, lawn chemical run off and invasive plant species contribute directly to a decline of pond water quality. The City will have to stop dumping road salt on the perimeter roads (sand will do nicely) and homeowners in the watershed of the pond will have to examine their lawn care practices which directly contribute to the decline and eventual death of the pond. (Good Luck on this one, because homeowners have a chemical dependency which has risen to the level of a public health hazard. Don't look for any politicians to address this issue. It will have to be resolved through education, not legislation) . PARK VEGETATION needs to be surveyed to determine what kinds of trees, plants and wildflowers should be added to improve the visual beauty and ecology of the park, and stabilize shore erosion. Invasive plant species replacing native plants is an additional concern. A CLOSING OBSERVATIONS - (1) time to take down the thin ice warning signs nailed to trees and utliity poles around the pond. Shouldn't be nailed. (2) how about a water founatin or two for thirsty pedestrians and their faithful canine companions? BUCKINGHAM POND PARK CAN BE IMPROVED BY GETTING INVOLVED IN YOUR BUCKINGHAM POND NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION - IT WORKS WHEN YOU DO! The neighborhood has a solid record of achieve for the past 20 years and a clear, well-crafted statement of objectives - all that is missing is your participation on the Pond Park Committee , as Block Captains, and as Active Members of the Neighborhood Watch/Patrol. We need homeowners to look out their windows, more often. Dog walkers, joggers, pedestrians to carry cell phones programmed to the APD West Station and State Anti-Terror Hotline- and use them when circumstances require. GO TO our neighborhood association wen site: http://bpcnanews.blogspot.com, review entries, particularly the November archive, which provides a statement of our goals and accomplishments. Joe Sullivan, BPCNA, President. Tel/Fax 438 5230 Get involved. Call me .


Thursday, April 20, 2006

BUCKINGHAM POND PARK APRIL 20, 2006 TRAVERSE Buckingham Pond Park was created in 1994 as a result of our efforts, in cooperation with, then ,Alderman Harold Greenstein. Many improvements have been made to the park since then, including the addition of play equipment, North Side at foot of Colonial Ave, addition of pathways, and split rail fencing and efforts to improve water quality and remove invasive vegetation , by dredging and increasing the pond water level . Today's traverse reveals that the Pond Park is in need of considerable improvements. * West End bordered by Davis Ave and Berkshire. Litter everywhere, including in the water of the small holding pond. The spilt rail fence, Davis at Berkshire has been hit by cars and vandalized. Rails lying about and in need of restoration. Is the natural gas pipeline running along Berkshire Blvd at risk from terrorists: both foreign and domestic? The little bridge connecting with Milner Ave South is in need of repair. The flower pots at either end of the bridge need to be cleaned and planted. The lighting needs to be improved. The Lamp post by the bridge flickers off and on at night. A blue light emergency phone is needed here. * South shore bordering pond and Raft's Way has much litter and yard wastes. Some graffiti on lamp posts and other utility fixtures. * East End of Pond has graffiti on guard rails, litter along South shore bordered by Berkshire South, between Lenox and Euclid. The bulkheading along the lower pathway has to be completely restored. A stone bulkhead, with clean fill and plantings of Red Dogwood bushes, and other plants which tolerate wet feet, will stablize and beautify that section of pond path . * North shore of Pond from Euclid to Lenox - persons who walk small dogs in that section, consistly fail to clean up after their dogs. * Grove, North shore just East of traffic semi circle. Jack and City workers have this in pretty fair shape. Need more flowers about. The semi-circle needs to be re-blacktopped. * We need an inventory of trees and bushes, with recommended diversity of plantings to beautify as well as stablize the pond shore line. Considerable slumping and erosion is evident. Many of the old cottonwoods are coming down. * Improvement of water quality will depend on reducing and eliminating run off of road salt by the city, as well as fertilizer and lawn chemical run off from homes in the watershed of the pond. Otherwise, the pond will eventually die from eutrification. * The West End of the pond park bordered by Milner and Davis - should it remain a natural area (with some wildflowers and footpaths)? Adjacent homeowners on Milner should be canvassed to determine their wishes. * SECURITY is a major concern: it should be no secret by now that drinking, drug dealing, and more are common, particularly around the traffic semi circle, North shore, foot of Colonial; around the Milner Ave foot bridge and in the adjacent woods. We need better lighting, summer Police bike/foot patrols (at night, particularly on week ends) and we need . Blue light emergency phones should be installed at the Milner Ave footbridge, at the Colonial Ave traffic semi circle and on the South Shore, foot of Lenox. We have to enlist homeowners bordering the Park, and residents of Stonehenge Apartment, overlooking the Park to keep watch , especially at night, and to immediately call the West Station, APD when something suspicious is occurring. Look for drug dealers, at night, in traffic semi-circle area. Watch for local adolescents congregating around the traffic circle , Milner Ave foot bridge and West End woods, also at sunset or after dark. * The Buckingham Pond Park Committee will be beefed up during the coming weeks and we will look for them to come up with a Park Plan that addresses the above environmental and security issues. Anyone, wishing to serve on this committee should contact me at 438 5230. Thank you. Joe Sullivan, President BPCNA


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

APRIL 18, 2006





Friday, April 07, 2006

A crime wave has hit our neighborhood, including a number of daytime house break- ins/burglaries, vandalism, graffiti, and most recently two rapes reported.

Kate Gurnett broke a Times Union story: Rash of burglaries hits uptown TU pB3 Thurs April 6. Kate can be reached at 454 5490 or email kgurnett@timesunion.com.

Today, APD Sgt Fred Alberti and APD Officer Kathleen Rissberger were at Buckingham Pond to survey the pond park , which has become a staging area for bad behavior, drifters, drug use and dealing, and more.

What can you do? Stay alert, oberserve what goes on around your home and keep a sharp eye out when travelling through the neighborhood on foot, by bike, or car. Look for stangers and strange behavior. Report these to APD West Station at 458 9818. Also contact me(tel/fax) at 438 5230 or e mail at jpsullivan2005@yahoo.com

Volunteer for our neighborhood watch/patrols to assist and work with APD to apprehend ciminals and keep our homes and neighborhood safe. Call me: 438 5230.

Two Friday's ago, I was on Mayor Jennings' Friday morning radio show
(WROW 590 AM 9-10 AM every Friday. Call in line # 467 5959), to alert the Mayor and urge neighbors to get involved in putting an end to these kinds of criminal activities in our neighborhood.

Combatting crime and emergency/disaster preparedness are two of our neighborhood priorities, in addition to proper land use planning with our participation and consent in this neighborhood. Read earlier and original entries on this blog.

To be part of our neighborhood watch/patrols or to participate in other Association activities e mail me (jpsullivan2005@yahoo.com) with your name, address, phone /fax numbers and e mail address. Also, check this site from time to time to keep up to date on what is happening, or not happening in our neighborhood.

9-11 changed our lives forever. Terrorists have vowed to hit us again. We know they
will, but we don't know how, where and when? Every household, church, synagogue, school, business, and health care provider in our neighborhood must be prepared to
cope with whatever will come our way in the days and months ahead.

Be on the look out for persons who may be casing our neighborhood for possible terror acts. Report any suspicous persons, activities to the anti-terror hotline
at 1 866 SAFE NYS (723 3697).

Social malcontents in our city are likely allies of foreign terrorists who supply
them with drugs, money and weapons. It is not too much a stretch of imagination to
contemplate uncontrolled hordes rampaging, pillaging and plundering in our neighborhoods as a follow up to a series of simultaneous, nationwide terror attacks
that plunge our nation, states, and cities into lawless chaos, as people struggle to
survive. Check out US Dept of Homeland Security 1-800 BE READY to get further info
on what you might expect and what you must do to prepare.

Remember this, we will be on our own, when it happens. Don't expect government will
be able to save us. We will have to save ourselves. Anticipate, observe, and prepare
for natural, man-made disasters and terror attacks.

We are all foot soldiers in the war on terror. It is a war unlike any other we have
known, and we must be prepared for whatever comes our way.

Joe Sullivan

Saturday, April 01, 2006