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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


During the past few snow storms Albany
City DGS did a good job of plowing New
Scotland Avenue. They finally got it

Hardly, the Albany City DGS suffered
a relapse with the January 18 storm.

City plows kept the 2 center lanes of
New Scotland Ave clear, but allowed
the snow and sludge to accumulate in
the curb parking lanes all day. From
time to time a plow or bucket loader
would pass by, pushing more sludge
higher into the curb lanes.

As good  senior citizens, residents on
New Scotland between the intersections
of Buckingham-Lenox and Krum Kill
Rd, dutifully cleared our walks and

About 2000 hours I looked out my
front door.  Our sidewalks and driveway
entrances were still clear.

As I turned and closed the door, I
could hear a freight train rumbling
sound. Instantly, I knew what was
coming. Two, large city trucks with
plows, came roaring down the North
side curb lane heading outbound on
New Scotland Avenue.

A tsunami of heavy, dirty snow/salt
sludge broke  before the speeding
truck-plows as they passed by, our
driveway entrances, curbside grass
islands and sidewalks were inundated.

If citizens had failed to clear their walks
they would be subject stiff fines. Who
will fine the City DGS?

Last year, we lost a fine sugar maple
we planted at curbside, 23 years ago
because of this annual assault of
excessive salt dumping and incompetent
plowing, by City DGS.

The other street trees along the avenue
are not faring any better. Nor, are the
road surface, the exteriors of our homes
our expensive vehicles, and our own
health ,as the years of municipal stupidilty
and abuse, take their toll.

Against my better judgment, at the
insistence of Margaret,  this past
Fall, I planted a small red maple
where the sugar maple , once stood
at curbside. I told Margaret that
the little tree would stand a better
chance of survival, if it were planted
on the front lawn, away from the
curb island. Just like talking to
the City officials, and DGS, I was
wasting my breath.

I looked at my increased city
property tax bill, due by January
31 and cursed the Mayor, City
Council, City DGS and County
Legislature for their stupidity
incompetence and tone deafness
when it comes to excessive salt
dumping on and snowplowing
of city streets.

Mayor Tom Whalen and Harry
Micheals did it right years ago.

Two graders, in tandem, would
slowly plow New Scotland Ave
outbound, then inbound, not
allowing snow and salt sludge
to pile up in the curb parking
lanes all day. Not speeding  by
creating a tsunami wave of dirty
heavy snow/salt sludge, in the
evening hours ,after residents
had cleared their walks and

When  talking with a City crew
one day, I mentioned this. They
agreed with me, but said the City
did not have graders anymore.

Well, why not hire them along
with all the other trucks, plows
and bucketloaders, the City
contracts with to supplement
City DGS snow plowing efforts?

I was going to call the Mayor's
office this morning...but I
concluded that I would only
be wasting my breath.

No use trying to rally the
neighbors to call their elected
officials to remedy these abuses
and assaults perpetrated in
the name of government.

The neighbors are like sheep
who only bleat and appear at the
polls, now and then, to vote the
familair party line.

They are living lives of quiet
desperation and denial
seemingly oblivious to their

Nothing lasts forever. Time
takes care of all. Bleat, bleat!

Row A or B. Does it really

                          Joe Sullivan


Sunday, January 16, 2011



Contact: 1 800 222 1222


                               Joe Sullivan


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Very well done village preparedness link:


                          Joe Sullivan                                    


Friday, January 07, 2011


Our neighborhood association has been a
major factor in maintaining and improving
the residential integrity and environmental
quality of our neighborhood for the past
23 years.

We have defeated land use and zoning
changes that would have adversely impacted
our neighborhood, and adjacent neighborhoods.

We were instrumental in the creation
of Buckingham Pond Park and setting aside
open spaces including the acre green space
and conifer buffer at Krum Kill/New Scotland
the green space at the SW corner of South
Manning /New Scotland.

We have worked to keep graffiti, vandalism
and crime at a minimum in our neighborhood.

2011 presents many challenges for our

1. Traffic/Pedestrian Safety.  In the past week
there have been a number of auto accidents
in the vicinity of New Scotland Ave, Krum Kill
Rd and Buckingham Dr., which have resulted
in serious injuries and one death.

The root causes of these accidents 
include: execessive speed, reckless
driving and failure of drivers and
pedestrians to be alert to what they
are doing , to road conditions and to
what is going on around them.

Speeding traffic on main roads like
New Scotland, Western, South Manning
Whitehall, Krum Kill, Buckingham and
many tributary residential streets
is a serious problem that needs the
attention of the Albany Police and
the Mayor.

A mayoral proclamation announcing
strict enforcement of speed limits and
targeting reckless driving, on
residential streets is required.

2. Crestwood Plaza

We promoted retention/improvement of
Crestwood Plaza as a neighborhood
commercial plaza.

Current plaza management needs to
 improve the appearance of the plaza
by litter control and landscaping/plantings
including flowers and flowering

3. The SW Corner of Whitehall at
New Scotland

We promoted clean up and removal of the
derelict former gas station and successfully
opposed further commercial development
of that 3/4 acre parcel. We advocated that
the developer of the adjacent condos deed
the parcel as park land to the city as part
of thec condo development approval. This
was done.

We have recommended that the parcel be
dedicated as the Dan O'Connell Memorial
Pocket Park, landscaped with a rolling
berms, planted with a mix of conifers
harwoods, flowering shrubs and perennial
flowers. Also, a few benches, a flagpole and
a small stone/plaque in memory of Dan
who lived father down Whitehall Rd for
the latter years of his life. This remains
to be done by the City in cooperation with
the condo developer.

4. The Stewart's Shop: Whitehall
at New Scotland.

We have worked with Stewart's management
to make their store a successful venture in
harmony with our neighborhood.

Our efforts with regard to the 3/4 acre
parcel across the street, have helped
assure the success of the Stewart's shop.

The Stewart's shop will undergo change
this year. The store will be relocated on
the green space adjacent to the existing
store which will be razed for an expanded
parking lot and expansion of gas pumps
and canopy.

We have urged Stewart's to save the
fine Oak located where the current
green space meets the existing parking
lot, bordering the entrance from New
Scotland Ave.

This can be accomplished by leaving
it where it is, or moving the tree to
the park parcel across the street.

At the recent meeting regarding the
Stewart's expansion, we observed that
expansion of the gas pump islands and
canopy   was questionable, and that
establishment of a traffic entrance
and exit flow pattern would be essential
to avoid an increase of vehicle/pedestrian

Just recently, a man was hit in the
crosswalk at Whitehall/New Scotland.

5. The 7 acre parcel  Krum Kill at
New Scotland

We defeated two atttempts to locate
a big box store on that parcel.

The parcel is privately owned.

We have recommended that the City
work out a transfer of development
rights plan whereby the parcel owners
deed the parcel to the City as parkland
and in return receive property of equal
value downtown or elsewhere in the

We have further recommended that
the 7 acre parcel front on Krum Kill
and New Scotland, be connected with
the 5 acre landlocked parcel which
has be rezoned Land Conservation, at
our urging, and the 10 acre parcel
adjacent to the Stewarts shop and
Crescent Dr, which is City owned,
to form a 23 Acre Neighborhood

8. Buckingham Pond Park

At our urging, with the cooperation of
then Alderman,Howard Greenstein
the pond and adjacent shoreline were
rezoned and Conservation (LC), park land
in 1994, creating Buckingham Pond Park.

The park needs an improvement
plan which addresses pathways
water quality, shore erosion
woodlot management including
planting of a greater variety of
hardwoods, conifers, flowering
trees/bushes and perennial flowers.
In addition, vandalism and safety
concerns must be addressed.

Review numerous previous posts
on this topic, on the site, which
specify, in greater detail, needed
improvements to the park.

9. The White Death

Excessive dumping of road salt causes
great harm to roadways, street trees
home exteriors, our expensive homes
and vehicles, water bodies and the
health of  residents and their pets.

In a time of economic stress, dumping
of execessive amounts of road salt is

Refer to earlier posts on this subject.

It is up to the people to press political
officials at local, county and state levels
to address this issue.

10. Emergency/Disaster Preparedness

We live in dangerous times. Disasters
natural and man made can occur at
any time. The threat of terror attacks
grow more frequent every day.

Do not look to government to save you.
They are not prepared. Nor,are local
churches, synagogues, schools, businesses
(despite our repeated urging over the years).

You are on your own when it comes to
saving yourselves, your loved ones and
protectioning your homes and property.

The wise will prepare by taking action
to increase the chances of themselves
and their loved ones, surviving whatever
comes our way in the days, weeks and
months ahead.

Some sources of information to get you














B and J  Guns  1702 Central Ave  Albany   862 9831

11. Our neighborhood watch

Everyone is part of our watch.

Be alert, observant, carry your
cell phones at all times, keyed to
the following numbers:

APD Center Sq Station 458 5660

Anti-Terror Hotline 1 866 SAFE NYS
                                              (723 3697)

                            Joe Sullivan



                                     Joe Sullivan