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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Chris Churchill spells it out:


                            Joe Sullivan


Thursday, May 21, 2015


Paddy and me took a stroll
around the park today.

A grand day with cool temps.

Good to see Jack and Carl
back at work. They do a fine

No water and electricity for
their shed yet. The City needs
to provide these soon.

Spoke with Sheriff Apple about
obtaining a jail work party to
improve the pond park. The
Sheriff said he can do this.

Spoke with Jack and Carl
and asked them to make a list
of things they need some help

I will contact the City Forester
about tree work,  cutting vines
and planting some young
replacement trees, and stacking
firewood at several locations on
the South and West sides of the
park, for pick up and use by

Will coordinate with City Parks
and DGS regarding  resurfacing
paths with coarse gravel to provide
better drainage and footing.

Will get a guard rail or large rocks
installed at foot of Lenox, South 
side , to protect walkers, joggers
and pets from having an out of 
control vehicle drop down on them 
on the path below.

The knotweed invasion just
to the right of this location needs
to be eradicated before in spreads
throughout the park and to nearby
residential properties.

Will  try to get some blue light
emergency phones installed
at key locations around the pond.

Some residents on the South
side of Rafts Way are dumping
yard wastes in the wooded area
of the park.

Maybe the holding pond might
be fenced for safety?

Scroll down to April 7 post
for more detail.

                        Joe Sullivan

Monday, May 18, 2015

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Education is a lifelong process of learning
the attitudes, knowlege, skills and behaviors
essential to earn a living, be an informed
citizen and to find joy in life.

To Learn, one must want to learn, put forth
the effort and apply that which is learned.

As Mayor Jennings often observes, we need
a new template for education, particularly
urban education.

Race To The Top and No Child Left Behind
are examples of well intended, but misguided
government programs that focus on grades
as measures of learning.

Ask not what your students "got". Ask what
did they learn? Observe their behavior.

The true measure of an educated person is
their behavior.

Alan Chartock (WAMC) had an interesting
guest on this subject today. Unfortunately
Prof Simon had no answer for caller Brian
who asked how can  property taxpayers be
sure they get educational value for the support
they provide for public schools?


The answer lies with property taxpayers
becoming informed and participating in
the educational process at the local level
particularly in school budget and board

The further answer is to be found in scaling
back the power and control over education
of the NYS and Federal Education Depts.

Lastly, let learners and teachers learn!

The Late, Great Tip O'Neill said that "all
politics are local." 

So, it is with education. All education begins
with parents and the home, cultivating a love
and respect for learning in themselves and
their children.

                                        Joe Sullivan