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Tuesday, May 03, 2011


You voted no pay raise for a year
to save jobs.

Now, the Albany School Board
should put a zero property tax
increase proposition on the
May 17 ballot for approval by
City voters.

Forget, the Tax Crap scam.
Let the people decide!

Vote for a zero increase school
budget, May 17.

                             Joe Sullivan


Congrats to 15 Ward Alderman Frank
Commisso, for providing the necessary
vote to gain passage of a local law
allowing for chickens in Albany back

Mayor Jennings will likely sign the
law because he supports sustainability
and because it fulfills the old Democratic
Party mantra of "a chicken in every pot".

However, some civil tights groups might
challenge the new law in court based on
it discriminating against roosters.

Expect an increase of foxes and two-legged
chicken/egg theives, in Albany.

Beware  the harmful use of lawn chemicals
past and present, to chickens and humans
who consume eggs of chickens raised in
city backyards.

Since chicken keepers must get permission
of next door neighbors, it seems only fair
that neighbors must get permission of
chicken keepers in order to apply lawn
chemicals? Another law amendment?

Donkeys/pony and traps or electric cars?
Hay v Corn. Soil depletion, Ethanol or food?

While the Common Council is on a
progressive agenda, a law authorizing
back yard donkey/pony keeping and
authorizing siting of feed and grain
businesses, is in order,  given the rising
costs of gasoline and the real eventuality
that gas will be rationed, then not
available at anytime, at any price.

Donkeys and pony &traps are superior
to electric cars. They former have
unlimited ranges and require only hay
for fuel. Less costly maintenance/repairs.

If people complain over having to find
a parking spot...imagine the complaints
over having to find an electric car
charging station...the long waits to hook
up...the long waits for a charge to be
completed...and the high cost of an
electric charge.

Car jackers will be out of business.

Local farmers will far better  use
every available acre to raise hay rather
than corn for the proposed ethanol
plant at the Port of Albany.

Hay is sustainable. Corn for ethanol
is a soil robber of land needed for food.

Ethanol ruins engines.

Go Green!  Go Congressman Tonto!

Hey, Albany Democrats, what about
those coal deliveries?  The elections
are coming May 17, September 8
and November 8.

                                    Joe Sullivan