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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Albany dog owners are abusing the privilege
of being allowed by the City  to run free on
the city golf course during the late Fall and

There are dog droppings everywhere, in
particular, concentrated around the driving
range and first fairway.

Dog owners are responsible for picking up
after their dogs. Don't abuse golf course
workers who have to clean up after your

Dog owners are also responsible for keeping
their dogs under control. Not allowing displays
of aggression towards other dogs or humans.

Dog owners who fail to pick up after their
dogs and/or allow their dogs to be aggressive
will force the City withdraw the privilege
of  responsible dogowners,  and  their well
behaved pets to enjoy walks, runs and
interaction on the city golf course.

On the Mayor's Talk 1300 radio show
this past Friday, several callers complained
about dogs running free on the course and
menacing walkers. One caller made the
absurd proposal of requiring dogs to be
restrained on retractable leads. Can you
picture a mass of dog owners and pets
hopelessly entangled?

Another suggested putting the pathways
off limits to dogs and restricting them
to certain parts of the golf course.
Like the tick infested woods and brush?

Wise up dog irresponsible dog owners!
Pick up after, and control aggressive
behaviors of your pets.

Do not ruin it for the majority of
responsible dog owners, and their
well behaved pets, who enjoy the
privilege of being able to walk and
run the City golf course.

                   Joe, Paddy and Mick

Thursday, January 05, 2012



This shortly after  recent.expansion of new bus routes.

Get rid of   6 and 138 buses running through Buckingham Pond/Crestwood

Nearly empty buses with tinted windows only providing easy access to
this neighborhood to perps from high crime downtown hoods.

                                                                                               Joe Sullivan