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Friday, January 20, 2017

Friday, January 20, 2017.

CITY ..........OR NOT?
With updates: 1/27 and 1/29.


Last night WGY Radio  810 NEWS
had a report that  announced Albany
Mayoral candidate . Carolyn McLaughlin
currently Albany Common Council
President, advocates/supports Albany
being a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

Is this a wise move for a financially

insolvent city government and city

school district which depend on

federal grants to stay afloat?

Property tax payers pay attention! 

Frank Commisso jr interview with
Paul Vandenburgh on Talk 1300 radio
unannounced candidate for Albany
Mayor?  No position on  sanctuary


Incumbent Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan

a big advocate/supporter of sanctuary city
status for Albany.


Will the Albany Common Council adopt
a local law declaring Albany a sanctuary

Will the Albany County Legislature oppose

sanctuary status for Albany City/County?

What will Cohoes, Watervliet and the Towns
and villages of Albany County do?

Sanctuary city/town/county? Is a defining issue
in the 2017 local elections. 

Update Sunday, January 29:

Sheehan and McLaughlin support Albany being
a sanctuary city. Commisso is not sure Albany
is a sanctuary city.


All three appear to believe that winning the
Democratic Primary translates to winning the
November 2017 General Election.

Will a Democratic candidate emerge who
opposes Albany being a sanctuary city, who
supports enforcing existing U S Immigration
Law and the rule of Law, who opposes the
trash tax, who recognizes that oil and natural
gas resource development will create needed
jobs and spur economic development in
Albany and, that together with consolidation
of city schools with city government, with one
property tax roll to support both, will allow the
City of Albany to provide real property
tax relief and achieve a balanced city budget
that does not rely on annual handouts from
New York State?

Highly unlikely! 

Will such a candidate emerge in the November
2017 General Election thereby
giving  Albany voters a real choice to prevent
Albany from becoming Detroit on the Hudson?


PS: Here is what a Massachusetts Sheriff thinks


Albany citizen voters what do you think?

What about President Trump's Immigration
Executive Order?

                                                               Joe Sullivan

Sunday, January 15, 2017

2017. UPDATED 2/21/17





and read:

Carolyn is to be interviewed Thursday morning January19
by Paul Vandenburgh on Talk 1300 AM radio.

Listen to the hour interview podcast here:


and interview with Dave Lucas WAMC:


Updated 2/21/17   WAMC midday- magazine
Dave Lucas report..Second Candidate.....


                                                           Joe Sullivan

Friday, January 13, 2017




                       Joe Sullivan

Thursday, January 05, 2017


Nothing achieved in 2016,

Why? An unresponsive Mayor and
Common Council and lack of
participation by neighborhood

2017 is election year for  Mayor
and Common Council President
citywide and for Common Council
Members representing each of the
15 city wards.

Expect some results this year.

Particularly if neighborhood
residents participate and support
all or part of this agenda. 

Here  are some of the achievements
of the Buckingham Pond Crestwood
Neighborhood Association resulting
from my leader ship and your participation
over he past 30 years.



When you have time review posts
archives for 2016 and prior years.

Let us make our neighborhood Great

The Buckingham Pond Crestwood
Neighborhood Association works
when you do.

Contact me.

                        Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The Buckingham Pond/Crestwood
Neighborhood Association has had
as its' major objective to maintain
improve the residential integrity
and quality of life in this neighborhood.

The BPCNA boundaries are:
Western Ave (N) Thruway -Whitehall Rd (S)
S. Manning Blvd (E)  Rte 85 (W)

All residents are members of the BPCNA.
There are no dues. We work through a
committee and individual assignment

Neighborhood residents are invited
and urged to participate.

2016 Agenda

1. a- Get the City of Albany to reduce
    the speed limit on all neighborhood
    residential streets to 25 mph
    and strictly enforce the speed limit -
     b- prohibit passing on the right in
    curb parking lanes on New Scotland
     c-strictly enforce all vehicle/traffic

2.  Oppose any zoning/ use changes not
     permitted in our R-1b single family
     residential pursuant to the existing
     Albany City Zoning Code.
      This includes responding to any
       attempt to reverse the Supreme
      Court Decision annulling the
      BZA approval of a change of use
      for 738 New Scotland Avenue to
      serve as a "hub/home base" for
      the not for profit homeless social
      services entity known as Family
      Promise of the Capital District .

      And any attempts to otherwise
      modify the provisions of the Code
      sections pertaining to uses permitted
      in R-1b single family residential

3.   Get the City to move on completing
      the Dan O Connell Memorial Pocket
      Park on the 3/4 acre  brownfield
      parcel at Whitehall/New Scotland.

      This includes creation of a rolling
       berm, planted with a variety of
       trees and flowering shrubs, a flag
       pole, some benches and a small
       stone marker.

4. Get the City to move on creation
    of a neighborhood greenbelt
    including  a 10 acre parcel and
    land locked 5 acre parcel owned
    by the City bordering Crescent
    Drive  and a 7 acre privately
    owned parcel along Krum Kill
    Rd behind the Mobil Station.

    Use a Transfer of Development
    Rights arrangement to include
    the 7 acre parcel. Compensate
    the private owners by awarding
    them an equivalent parcel of
    equal value, downtown. which
    they may develop or sell for

5. Promote resident participation
    and City cooperation
    in efforts to maintain street
    trees, remove dead limbs/trees
    and plant a variety of replacement
    trees  suitable for urban conditions
    including vehicle emissions and
    road salt.

6. Improve City snow plowing
    procedures and reduce/eliminate
    road salt use, particularly in
    the Buckingham Pond Park
    Watershed, and along New
    Scotland Avenue.

7. Promote resident awareness
    of the need for emergency/
    disaster preparedness by
    individuals, households,
    apartments, senior citizen
    housing and single family

8. Oppose any attempts to privatize
    the municipal Capital Hills
    Golf Course

9. Support legal action to annul
    the results of the February 9
    2016  190+ million dollar high
    school bond act.

10. Homeowners are urged to
      challenge the 2016  City reassessment
      notices which they received in
      Contact the City Assessor's office
      regarding how, where and when
      to do your challenge.
      May is the month to do this.

11. May 19 is the vote on the Albany
      School budget. Cast informed votes.

12. Vote in the April 19 Presidential

13. Vote in the Congressional Primary
       in June and NYS /local primaries
       in September.

14. Closely monitor agendas/actions
      of the Albany Common Council
      City Board of Zoning Appeals
      City Planning Board  and other
      city initiatives as they relate to
      the BPCNA.

15. Improve Crestwood Plaza
      neighborhood shopping

Now, there is a solid agenda for our

Pass the word. Download and share
this post with your family, friends
neighbors who are not on line.

We don't do door to door newsletter
drops as we did for so many years in
the past.

This website is where you can find
out what is going on in the hood.

Contact me and we can discuss/arrange
your participation in one, or more of
the above.

                                       Joe Sullivan