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Tuesday, October 03, 2017


 Here she goes again. Another unbalanced
Albany City budget with a 12.5 million dollar
gap, just like last year her 12 rubber stamps
on the Common Council voted to pass the
current 2017 unbalanced City budget.

Who are these 12 rubber stamps? Will they
vote to pass this unbalanced   2018 City
budget containing another 12.5 million
dollar hole? Pay close attention to Common
Council incumbents and challengers, Nov 7.
How dis incumbents vote on the 2017 and 2018
City budgets/  Would any challengers vote NO?

This proposed budget contains a modest
property tax increase, but hold onto your hats
if you re-elect her to a second term Nov 7.

Expect huge property ( city and school) tax
increases. to follow.

Albany will never be fiscally solvent as long

1, Albany is a sanctuary (loss of tens of millions
of collars of federal aid, including Albany Housing

2. Rezone Albany is not repealed. Rezone Albany
destroy the residential integrity/quality of life
home values and property tax base of uptown
single family neighborhoods, which pay the lions'
share of  property taxes that support City schools
and City government services.

3. City schools are not consolidated with City
government under Mayoral control, with one property
tax roll to fund both, with a return to neighborhood
K-8 schools and the Mayor being responsible and
accountable for the operation/performance of City
Currently the school district budget of $240+ million
dollars makes up 2/3 of your property tax bill, while
the $177 million+ dollar budget accounts of the
remaining 1/3 of your property tax bill. The Mayor
has no oversight or control of school expenditures
and school property taxes currently.

5. Selling the 353 acres of Coeyman's land with
5.2 million dollars of your property taxes and selling
it for a fraction of that amount in a sweet theart deal
to an alleged contributor, in violation of the NYS
open bidding law. i s not only is a  bad
business deal for a Mayor who touts her experience
as a private sector business person.

6. The Mayor supports opponents of a sitting Governor
in primaries, 4 years ago, and again in 2018.

7.The Mayor fails to meet with the Governor and convince
him that NYS making 15 million dollar PILOT annual
payments to the City of Albany is in the best interests of
Albany residents, as well as his own self interests in 2018
and beyond.

 I will meet with the Governor and he can count on my
support in 2018, if he does right by citizen voters of the
City of Albany.

                                               Joe Sullivan
                                               For Albany Mayor
                                               Conservative  Row C
                                               Nov 7    6am-9pm


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