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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Albany Ward 7 Spot Zoning Coverup.

The Sunday TU, Sept 30, 2007, pD4 has a story Walgreens sign remains problematic by Kate Gurnett.

The article says: " The parcel, at the corner of Hackett Boulevard, was spot-zoned at the developer's request in 2005."Who sponsored the spot zoning to Highway Commercial? Then incumbent 7th Ward Council Member, and Common Council President-elect, Shawn Morris. When? In the last week of the 2005 Common Council session, after Christmas and after the November election, when no one was paying attention.

Cathy Fahey, ally of, and successor to Morris, as 7th Ward Council Member did not , as a candidate in the November 2005 election, vigorously oppose Morris' rezoning measure.Both Morris and Fahey were backed by the Working Families Party which proclaimed that it was opposed to big box stores in Albany.Citizens for Responsible Zoning brought legal action in an attempt to repeal the Common Council rezoning, sponsored by Morris and voted for by a number of lame duck Commom Council Members, who can not be held accountable for their votes

.Current 7th Ward Alderwoman Fahey is quoted as saying: "This is a perfect example of why Albany needs a comprehensive plan. If we had a master plan, this zoning change probably never would have happened."

PURE DECEPTION! All Morris had to do, as sponsor of the rezoning, was to withdraw it and there would have been no vote of approval in late December 2005, before Morris and Fahey took their oaths of their current offices in January 2006.

Read Lonerangeralbany, Feb 2006:http://journals.aol.com/lonerangeralbany/lonerangeralbany/entries/2006/02/07/holland-ave-spot-zoning-blunderretrospect-and-prospect/1017

The bottom line here is: (1) rezoning a 3.5 acre parcel Highway Commercial, to allow for a big box store on Holland Avenue, at Hackett, a major ambulance routeway to rapidly expanding Albany Medical Center, is DUMB GROWTH. (2) Morris, Fahey and the Working Families Party could have, but did not, stop this rezoning. (3) The Citizens for Responsible Zoning , and those who have contributed money to fund the law suit, now before the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court, have been conned by Morris, Fahey and the Working Families Party.

Morris, Fahey and the Working Families Party must be held accountable by Albany voters for this dumb growth commercial spot zoning, and their attempted cover up of their actions,

J P Sullivan

Friday, September 28, 2007

Recent Happenings Homeland Security

Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings and the local Red Cross Chapter announced they are partnering to promote emergency/disaster preparedness education. This is a late, but good first step, but falls far short of what is needed.

See what Huntsville, Alabama has done: http://news.aol.com/story/ar/_a/alabama-city-reopening-fallout-shelters/20070927171609990001?ncid=NWS00010000000001

There are some who proclaim Albany is not a target for terrorists. Think Again!

Albany is a symbolic target- the seat of state government, the Capitol of the Empire State.

Albany is a major Northeast transportation cross roads with rail lines, interstate highways and bridges as well as a major incoming container cargo port.

Albany is a soft target that is not prepared.

GOVERNOR SPITZER has promulgated an administrative directive providing for the State DMV to issue drivers licences to illegal immigrants.

By so doing, Governor Spitzer is flaunting the rule of law as well as aiding and abetting terrorists
(foreign and their domestic allies), thereby placing all New Yorkers and the nation in harms way.

The Governor can not supercede state law by administrative action.

Governor Spitzer must immediately rescind his unlawful and dangerous directive.

J P Sullivan