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CONSERVATIVE ROW C FOR MAYOR CITY OF ALBANY NY November 5, 2013 Election U S Navy Veteran BS Geography, U Wisconsin (Korean GI Bill) MA Geography, U Minnesota (National Fellowship) 30 years as founder and president, Buckingham Pond/ Crestwood Neighborhood Assoc. maintaining/improving neighborhood residential integrity and quality of life. Leadership resulted in creation of Buckingham Pond Park in 1993-94, as well as many other open spaces. See bpcnanews.blogspot.com for list of leadership results. Neighborhood website: bpcnanews.blogspot.com/ see also: albanycityconservative.blogspot.com

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


As Mayor, Sullivan will promote
a vigorous neighborhood agenda
to maintain/improve neighborhood
residential integrity and quality of

This agenda will involve the
cooperation of City  Police
and Fire Departments, City
Departments and
neighborhood associations

1. Strict speed limit enforcement 
    and crack down on drivers
    running stop signs/traffic lights.

2. Improved snow plowing/removal.

3. Reducing, and eventually
    eliminating, salting of city roads.
    Salt destroys streets and bridges
    kills street trees, rusts our cars/
    trucks and, when dry, becomes 
    airborne, mixes with vehicle
    exhausts  creating air pollution
    leading to health problems such
    as asthma, high blood pressure
    and more.

4. Expanding urban forestry
    efforts to plant/maintain
    planting of street trees and
    trees on front lawns/ Trees
    add to property values,act
    as air conditioners, cooling
    and improving air quality
    by absorbing carbon dioxide
    and releasing  oxygen.

5. Oppose any efforts to
    privatize Albany Muni
    golf course. Capital Hills.
    Will continue to make
    the course available in
    off season, for walkers
    joggers and pets. As long
    as dog owners pick up after
    their pets. Cross country
    skiing , sledding  and
    snow shoeing will continue.

5. Oppose any effort to privatize
    the Harriman State Office
    Campus. The SOC shall remain
    as home for the state work force
    thereby reducing traffic on
    main streets that traverse
    residential neighborhoods
    resulting in improved quality
    of life in those neighborhoods.

6. The AFD will continue to play
    a major roll in code enforcement.

7. The APD will step up efforts to
     assure security and public safety
     in all neighborhoods of the City.

8. Improvement of Buckingham
    Pond Park is a priority. Refer
    to archives of this website for
    specific needs and actions.

9. Completion of the Dan O Connell
    Memorial Pocket Park. Whitehall
    at New Scotland.

10. Creation of a 22 acre neighbor-
    hood green belt bordering
    Crescent Drive/ Krum Kill Rd.
    Refer to  earlier posts this website
    for details of 9 and 10 above.

11. Improvement of the Crestwood
     Shopping Plaza

12. Possible redevelopment of the
      Weis RD-Hackett-Picotte
       apartment complex to provide
      a mix of single family housing
      and apartments for health
      care workers, students and

13. A return to k-8 neighborhood
      schools which are best for kids
      their parents and neighborhoods.

Sullivan will oppose new HUD
regulations that amount to social
engineering of neighborhoods.
This would destroy the city tax base.

The Sullivan neighborhood agenda
will grow as neighborhood 
associations, and residents, present 
their needs and wishes.

                        Joseph P Sullivan
                        For Albany Mayor
                        Conservative Row C
                        November 5.


Saturday, October 12, 2013


Blue green algae appears in the
pond because of a combination
of warm weather, shallow water
and run off from fertilizers from
lawns in the pond watershed.

It will disappear with cold

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                            Joe Sullivan