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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday, August 17 Summer is on the wane. We have enjoyed a week of pleasant, sunny, summer weather, with low humidity and cool nights. More like September.

Traverse Buckingham Pond shore. Jack and crew have done a good job of keeping the grass mowed. Frequent applications of copper sulfate to pond water have not greatly improved water quality, and have likely had a negative impact on wildlife, including birds. muskrats, etc. The small holding pond , cor. Davis/ Berkshire is putrid. This overflows into main pond. Evidence of vandalism exists in missing rails from split rail fences on Milner Ave bridge and at East End Pond, Euclid at Berkshire. Split rails can be be seen floating in water at both locations. Graffiti is evident on picnic tables at grove and on guard rail SE corner of park at Berkshire and Euclid. The guard rail there has been struck a number of times by cars coming down hill on Euclid. Guard rail in need of repair and could use some reflectors. Drivers should slow down and keep control of their vehicles, lest some pedestrians get hit at that location.

Dog droppings, particularly from small canines are evident around pond shore area. People should do a better job cleaning up after their dogs. Droppings are unsightly and pose a disease risk for other pets and humans.

Milner Avenue residents are to be commended for following through on improving that portion of the park. Brush has been cleared and lighting improved at the Milner Ave bridge. Neighbor vigilance and increased police patrols have resulted in that part of the park not being used as a hangout by noisey youths, after dark.

Dumping of yard wastes is still an issue on Davis and Berkshire.

Vines are choking trees, particularly on the wooded path between Lenox and Holmes Dale, South Side pond. Vines need to be cut and removed.

The declining water quality problem of the pond will be reversed only when homeowners residing in the pond watershed wean themselves off their dependencies on excessive amounts of lawn chemicals and fertilizers which drain into the pond creating
the existing water quality problem. Invasive plants, like purple loosestrife, must be controlled, along with dumping of yard wastes, litter and applications of road salt by the City on Berskshire and other streets in the pond watershed; all of which contribute to the decline of pond water quality.

Stapling copper sulfate warning signs (undated) and nailing danger thin ice signs on
trees is not a good practice.

City gardeners did not exert much effort at flowering bed and planter plantings this year.

Some individuals, including day care providers, and their charges, can still be seen feeding ducks and geese. No bird welfare! The bird population increases, as do their
droppings around the grove picnic and children's play areas. This is a definite health threat at a time when bird flu is likely to appear here at any time. Feeding the birds encourages them to winter over at the pond and they starve when humans do not continue to feed the birds when the cold weather arrives.

For graffiti clean up, call 434 2489. For Police call the West Station 458 9148 as needed.

We have people watching the park from the windows of their homes and apartments.
Also, more dog walkers and other walkers are carrying cell phones with the West Station number programmed in. This has resulted in much improved safety in the park and surrounding streets, less drug dealing and fewer home break ins. However, just as with the terrorism problems, we must constantly be alert and act when circumstances require.

As Bugs Bunny might say -That's all for now, folks. Joe Sullivan 438 5230