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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Paddy, Mick and me took walks around the pond park
today, December 12, 2012.

The pathways were wet and slippery, particularly the East
end of the pond, the path bordering Raft's Way and  at
the Milner Ave bridge.

The pathways need to get a top dressing of coarse blue
stone (not the powdered material that does not drain
creating a wet. slippery surface- which presents a fall
risk). The City of Albany does not need slip and fall

Dead branches (and trees) overhanging pathways are
a particular hazard to walkers/joggers.  Some of the
more hazardous include:

1. Two larges branches of a dead tree overhanging
the footpath, pons southside, Lenox at Berkshire.

2. Several on the footpath from Lenox to Holmesdale
and Lenox to Euclid.

3. More on the footpath, North side from the play
area, West to Davis Ave, by the smaller holding pond.

4. A few limbs overhanging the Raft's Way path.

When these become heavy with snow or ice, they
are likely to break and fall, especially on windy
days/nights.  Serious injuries, or even deaths may
result, if unwary walkers/joggers pass by as limbs
or trees fall.

The City should tend to these trees/limbs now
before winter sets in.

There is no guard rail at the foot of Lenox at
Berkshire, South side.

Some barrier and reflectors should be placed
there to prevent a speeding car from going
over the edge and falling on pedestrians or
jogger that may happen to be on the path below.

Several large rocks with reflectors would

Look at the severely bent guard rail at the
foot of Euclid/ Berkshire to the East.

Out of control vehicles have hit this
numerous times.

The Red Osier Dogwoods planted
among the trees, Lenox at Berkshire
South side, would do better if
transplanted to border the pond.

Similar plantings should be made
bordering the pond side of the path
from Euclid to Lenox, South side, to
prevent erosion as well as privide
winter beauty.

Scanning the wooded areas of the
pond park leads one to conclude
that a serous woodland management
plan/action is required. Vines that
are killing trees need to be cut and
removed. Dead branches/trees should
be cut, removed and stacked at
several locations so that homeowners
may use them for firewood.

A variety of suitable young trees
needs to be planted to replace those
that are removed.

Vandals keep cutting the Milner Ave
footbridge nylon lines. Apprehend
the offenders and put them to work
improving, rather than destroying
the park.

                              Joe Sullivan