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Monday, July 23, 2012


Recall that some years ago all  hood residents were
drafted into our Neighborhood Watch with the
objectives of securing your property and those
of your neighbors on your block and contacting
the APD as necessary.

Dog walkers, strollers, cyclists joggers and
drivers were urged to carry their cell phones
keyed into the APD Center Station.

However, of late vandalism and crime is on
the increase in our hood, for a variety of

I do my part to combat these trends. But
in the final analysis  keeping our hood
and homes safe is the responsiblity of
each and every resident.

Recently, the TU has carried reports'
of prowlers and theives in the area
of Buckingham and New Scotland.

The blog of Dave Lucas has more

Not to unduly alarm you, but can more violent crimes
home  invasions, arson and the like, be far off?
Take appropropriate action to secure your homes
your block and protect your life, liberty and
pursuit of happiness.
                                                       Joe Sullivan