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CONSERVATIVE ROW C FOR MAYOR CITY OF ALBANY NY November 5, 2013 Election U S Navy Veteran BS Geography, U Wisconsin (Korean GI Bill) MA Geography, U Minnesota (National Fellowship) 30 years as founder and president, Buckingham Pond/ Crestwood Neighborhood Assoc. maintaining/improving neighborhood residential integrity and quality of life. Leadership resulted in creation of Buckingham Pond Park in 1993-94, as well as many other open spaces. See bpcnanews.blogspot.com for list of leadership results. Neighborhood website: bpcnanews.blogspot.com/ see also: albanycityconservative.blogspot.com

Sunday, July 24, 2011


The campaign trail is one that winds
through the years. Elections are battles
fought along the trail. Some riders fall
off their horses and are not heard from
again after an election concludes.

Others ride on to fight new battles.

This year the battleground is Albany
County, as Carol DeMare's TU article
sets out:


Perhaps, the story headline ought to
read "Most county incumbents go
unchallenged". Why?

I am pleased to be in the saddle again
as the candidate  for the new 10th
County Legislative District, with the
Conservative and Independence ballot

Minority lawsuits notwithstanding.
We are all Americans. Time to stop
dividing and time to unite in our
common quest for survival in a
world gone mad.

Independent Conservative is a
description that suits me well.

There is an old saying in politics
relating to candidates:
"before they tell you what
they will do, ask them what they
have done."

Looking back on the past  41
years,  I have served as a Town and
City Chairman, a county committeeman
coordinated many local campaigns at the
national, state and local levels. And, I have
been a candidate in many elections for
Congress, NYS Senate and Assembly
town, city and county offices.

Why? Our lives are shaped by politics, like
it or not. So, why stand by on the sidelines
and wring your hands while others decide
our fates?  Join the fray and shape the
course of events!

Why haven't I been elected? Because I
do not play the game - raising large
amounts of money, becoming a wholly
owned subsidiary of special interest
groups. Taking clear, perhaps, not
politically correct or safe positions
regarding issues vital to our survival.
Trying to appeal to the intellect of
voters, rather than relying on dragging
them to the polls, to cast partyline

Well, just, maybe, my time has come.

Now, before I tell you what I will do , let
me tell you what I have done, particularly
in the past quarter century as Leader
of the Buckingham Pond Crestwood
Neighborhood Association" and as a
candidate for various public offices:

1. Creation of Buckingham Pond Park
    through rezoning the pond and shore
    area as LC Land Conservation or
    park land (1994)

2. Blocked building luxury housing at
    Albany Muni Golf Course, preserving
    the view of the Catskill  Three Sisters
    Mountains; creating the Hartman Rd
    Community Garden, as a result of
    rezoning both LC  (Land Conservation
    or park land) (1994)

The above, were major actions which I
advocated in my 1993 campaign for 8th
Ward Albany City Alderman.

3. Blocked several attempts to build  a
    big box retail store on the 7 acre
    parcel , Krum Kill Rd at New Scotland
    Ave ( 2000 and 2001)

4. Blocked two attempts to site a 3rd
    city middle school at Whitehall and
    New Scotland or the 10 acres
    bordered by Hemlock/Tea Cup Lanes
    and Crescent Dr. (2000 )

At that time, I ran for NYS Senate, taking
the above major position stands.

5. Advocated  County clean up of the
    toxic 3/4 acre abandoned gas station
    site  New Scotland Ave at Whitehall Rd
    razing the derelict building, blocking
    several attempts to rezone the parcel
    commercial, and designating the 3/4
    acre parcel as a pocket park. (1994-

    Advocated it to be the Dan O'Connell
    Memorial Pocket Park. Dan lived down
    Whitehall Rd. This would be a fitting
    tribute to Dan.

    So far, for some reason, city officials
    have resisted this. But, maybe this year
    my proposal will become a reality.

6. Restored Crestwood Plaza as a
    neighborhood retail shopping plaza
    and breaking the crime ring that
    was preying upon elderly shoppers
    at the Crestwood Market. (1993-2002)

7. Set aside the acre open space  and
    planted of the evergreen tree screen
    Buckingham Mews, corner of New
    Scotland and Krum Kill. (1985)

8. Planted the conifer tree screen
    along the back property lines between
    single family homes on Buckingham Dr
    and the Buckingham Mews extension.

9. Set aside the green space at
    New Scotland and S. Manning, (1985)

10. Blocked conversion of the single
    family residence, NW corner of New
    Scotland and S, Manning, into a half
    way treatment facility affiliated with
    St Peter's Hospital.  (1993)

11. Blocked conversion of Mercy Convent
     into office space. (1995)

12. Blocked a plan to provide egress from
      the expanded parking at the CP Center
      via Pine Tree Lane, Marsdale Sts. and
      Hurst Ave at Westford St.  (1989)

13. Blocked construction of a 12 story
      apartment tower and parking garage
      on Krum Kill Rd opposite Ohav Shalom
      Senior Apts. (1999)

      This would have destroyed the residential
      integrity of the adjacent Briar, Oliver
      and Aspen Circle neighborhood, as well
      as the residential neighborhood of
      adjacent Slingerlands.

      I  note that the current incumbent
      county legislator, initially promoted this
      development, but later relented.

14.  Had many trees  planted along roadsides
       and on front lawns. For example, the
       Red Oaks, Maples and Little Leaf Linden
       trees along New Scotland Ave and
       Buckingham Dr. as well as many other
       neighborhood streets.

Now, of course I did not do all these things
alone. I provided the leadership,  galvanized
and had public support as well as gaining
the cooperation of city and county public

Now- what will I do as your representative
on the county legislature, 10th District?

1. Advocate complete review and overhaul
    of social services programs, with the aim
    of reducing waste and fraud, and weaning
    able bodied lifers off the public dole.

    A growing dependent population is not
    sustainable in hard economic times.

2.  Advocate consolidating  Albany city
     schools with the city government
     creating one property tax roll to
     support both, returning to  K-8
     neighborhood schools  and
     making the Mayor and Common
     Council responsible/accountable
     for the operation/ performance of
     city schools.

     The city school curriculum needs
     to be revised to meet the needs of an
     urban student population and prepare
     them to be productive citizens.

     More spending on education is
     not the answer to school problems.

     A 50 percent drop out rate and 
     disorderly conduct are not to be

     Read earlier posts on learning and
     education on this website and on

3. Albany City and County needs more
    and less expensive electricity to promote
    job growth and gain relief from high
    utility bills for homeowners,  tenants
    and businesses.

    This can be achieved by tapping into the
    electric power transmission line that will
    bring Quebec hydropower to New York
    City via the Hudson Valley.

4.  Instead of sponsoring more new laws and
     regulations, I will  seek to repeal those laws
     and regulations that burden people and 
     stifle economic development.

5.  I will continue to work  to preserve the
     residential integrity of the neighborhoods
     of the 10th District: Buckingham Pond
     Crestwood and Slingerlands.

6.  I advocate retaining and expanding the
     Number 4 bus route to the  PC Plaza
     in Slingerlands,  to better serve the
     people of this city neighborhood and
     that portion of the 10th District in
     Slingerlands, bordered by Krum Kill
     and Blessing Rds.

     Read Bus This and More Bus This posts
     this website.

7.  Reduce and implement alternatives to
     the destructive practice of dumping
     road salt on city streets and county roads.

     This annual assault with salt rusts our
     expensive vehicles, is responsible for
     polluting groundwater and air, the
     deteroriation of roads, bridges, gas
     water and sewer lines, and poses a
     health risk to people.

8. I support the U S Constitution, particularly
    the First, Second and Tenth Amendments.

9.  Security is the priority issue locally, state
     wide and nationally. Without security our
      economy and way of life are at risk.

10. I have long advocated shutting down
      and securing the Indian Point nuclear
      plants. Contrary to claims that nuclear
      power is clean and safe, it is not. Spent
      fuel rods are stored under these plants
      just as was done in Japan. We have no
      place to put nuclear wastes and those
      wastes remain a hazard for a long, long

      From a security standpoint, the Indian
      Point plants put tens of millions of people
      at risk for an unbelievable disaster.

      This is particularly so, in light of the
       federal governments failure to secure
       our national borders and ports; as well
       as New York State, and political
       subdivisions, therein, embracing a
       policy of sanctuary status for the
       millions of illegal aliens who have
       invaded our nation, state and local
       communities, including a significant
       number of foreign terrorists who are
       sworn to destroy us.

       Many of those who come here legally
       as well as illegally, share in this goal.
       As a result, immigrants from certain
       places and cultures, and their native
       born offsprings pose a further security
       threat. Immigration policies need to
       be revised accordingly.

11.  I advocate ending the sanctuary policy
       in Albany County, and the political
       subdivisions thereof. I oppose amnesty
       for illegals.

12. I will continue to advocate that
      individuals,  households, churches
      synagogues, schools , businesses, and 
      health care providers in the 10th District 
      prepare to survive any disasters,  natural
      or man made, that may befall us in the
      days ahead.

13. I will do all that I can to promote informed
     citizen participation in our political process
     at the local, state and national levels.

    We live in perilous times. Government can't
    save us ..... we must save ourselves and the

If you want a truly independent, conservative
candidate to represent you...and you want term
limits... I am your man.

Consult the posts and archives of this website
and Lonerangeralbany  for much more.

http://lonerangeralbany.blogspot.com/  read nationwide and

My campaign is your campaign. Pass the
word to family, friends and neighbors.

Go to the polls on November 8th and cast
informed votes, where you are fortunate
to have the opportunity.

Meanwhile, enjoy the waning days of

Thank you.

                                            Joe Sullivan





Friday, July 15, 2011


The CDTA bus route restructuring plan
 proposal is now on line:

Note that this proposal calls for
elimination of the current Number 4
bus route connecting the Buckingham
Pond neighborhood with mid and
downtown Albany. This route now
terminates at Ohav Shalom Senior

I have advocated keeping the Number 4 bus
route and expanding it to the Price Chopper
Plaza in Slingerlands.

This would allow residents of the Krum
Kill -Blessing Rd area of Slingerlands to
access mid and downtown Albany as well as
the  PC Plaza, as well as providing access for
Buckingham Pond area residents to access
the Price Chopper Plaza in Slingerlands.

I have further recommended that the
PC Plaza in Slingerlands become a transfer
point for the Numbers 4, 13, 18 and 19 bus

Read: http://bpcnanews.blogspot.com/2011/06/bus-this-cdta-is-in-process-of.html

If residents of  the Blessing-Krum Kill Rd
and Buckingham Pond neighborhoods, as
well as riders from the Town of Bethlehem
and Voorheesville,  find my proposal has
merit, please indicate their support by 
clicking on the  CDTA on line input line
and saying so.


Keep in mind that gasoline prices continue
to increase, and gas may be rationed or not
available at any price when the Middle East
sources of oil are cut off.

Residents of the aforementioned neighbor-
hoods would have to rely on bus service to
commute to work and go food shopping.

My proposal provides residents of the
Blessing-Krumkill Rd neighborhoods in
Slingerlands, Ohav Shalom senior housing
and residents of the Buckingham Pond
(including Stonehenge apartments)
with a viable alternative, now and in the
event of a worst case scenario relating to
the price, rationing,and unavailabity
of gasoline.

                                             Joe Sullivan