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CONSERVATIVE ROW C FOR MAYOR CITY OF ALBANY NY November 5, 2013 Election U S Navy Veteran BS Geography, U Wisconsin (Korean GI Bill) MA Geography, U Minnesota (National Fellowship) 30 years as founder and president, Buckingham Pond/ Crestwood Neighborhood Assoc. maintaining/improving neighborhood residential integrity and quality of life. Leadership resulted in creation of Buckingham Pond Park in 1993-94, as well as many other open spaces. See bpcnanews.blogspot.com for list of leadership results. Neighborhood website: bpcnanews.blogspot.com/ see also: albanycityconservative.blogspot.com

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Albany County
Soil and Water
Conservation District 765 7923

2010 tree/shrub sale.
Last Day to order March 19

Good opportunity to get young tree/shrub
stock to plant in Buckingam Pond Park
or residential yards. Erosion control and
wildlife benefits. Combat urban air pollution.
Add visual beauty and property values.


ACSWCD also provides valuable technical
assistance useful for improving the habitat
of Buckingham Pond Park, as well as

Natural Resource Technical Assistance
The ACSWCD provides assistance to landowners, land
managers, local government agencies, and other local
interests in addressing a broad range of resource concerns.
Natural resource management activities performed by the
District include, but are not limited to:
Streambank protection/maintenance
Water supply protection/watershed management
Erosion & sediment control
Stormwater management
Drainage assistance
Aquatic weed management and control

Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Took a walk through the park yesterday
with Mick.

The dead tree overhanging the footpath
Lenox at pond, South side, is still there
endangering any walkers or joggers who
venture down the path in windy weather.

Litter everywhere along the southern and
western margins of the park. Vines and
underbrush strangling young trees.

The useless drain pipe at the Milner Ave
foot bridge remains upended.

Footpaths are wet and slippery, particularly
at the pond East end, and South side, because
the City did not apply coarse bluestone to
promote better drainage and safer footing.

Signs posted on trees, North side of pond
invite skaters to make use of the cleared
ice surfaces. Observe the ice is not safe
for skating!

Fear not, because the Buckingham Pond
Conservancy Steering Committee is on the
job - holding a meeting 2 pm, Sunday
January 31 to provide an update on the
fledgling group's achievents in 2009, to
adopt by laws and elect officers and a
board of directors.


The group alleges to be non-partisan
when the organizers are not - they had
Corey Ellis signs on their lawns and cars
and opposed Mayor Jennings for reelection.

They also by-passed the existing Buckingham
Pond/Crestwood Neighborhood Association
which is responsible for rezoning the pond
and shoreline Land Conservation (park land)
in 1994, and for working with Mayor Jennings
to achieve many pond park improvements
in subsequent years, including the new lighting
and improvements on the Milner Ave footpath
and bridge, and working with the APD to rid
the pond park of underage drinking parties and
drug dealers.

Moves which compromise the ability of
the Buckingham Pond Conservancy to
effectively achieve it's professed pupose
"To coordinate ...protecting, preserving
and enhancing Buckingham Pond and it's
surrounding greenspace."...in cooperation
with governmental agencies...
neighborhood associations"
(click on proposed by laws link
go to Mission and Purpose.)

Support the opponent of the Mayor and
by pass the existing Buckingham Pond
Crestwood Neighborhood Association -
two strikes!

Strike 3 comes with the Membership
provision which restricts "Neighborhood
Member" to "Each adult resident within
one half mile (0.5 mi) of the pond" while
providing that a "Voting Member" shall
be any adult (18+) who contributes dues"
in a given fiscal year. Fiscal years begin
each April 1.

These provisions exclude the residents
of the Crestwood sector of the neighborhood
and are contrary to the practices of the
existing Buckingham Pond/Crestwood NA
where no dues are charged and all
neighborhood residents may participate in
the association.

In addition, the half mile geographic
provision for "Neighborhood Member"
completely disregards the established
Western and Eastern boundaries of the
Buckingham Pond/Crestwood NA which
have been in place for more than 22 years
thereby allowing residents and members
of other neighborhood associations and
neighborhoods, who pay dues, to make
decisions that impact residents of this

The four conservancy working groups
are entirely unnecessary and the
descriptions of their responsibilities are
muddled, redundant and conflicting.

We only need ONE Buckingham Pond
Committee of this Neighborhood Association.

If residents sincerely desire to protect
and improve the pond park, they can
volunteer to serve on this Association

There is no need to reinvent the wheel.
Review the postings on this site over
the years which present needed actions
pertaining to the pond park.

For example:

Friday, November 27, 2009

To begin: there is a high wind warningposted four our area

So?There are a number of dead, ordecaying trees and tree limbs
overhanging the paths posing a hazard to walkers, their pets and
joggers.Most notably, the South side of the pond park:
1. a large dead tree over the path at the foot of Lenox,
2. another dead tree leaningtoward the footpath at the foot of Lenox,
3. several overhanging the wooded footpath from Lenox to Holmes Dale
in particular one at the HolmesDale entrance to the footpath
4. several overhanding, or liable to fall across the footpath from
Holmes Dale to Milner Ave.This is not a new condition. Scroll back
to earlierpark reports on this site, and you will read numerous posts
calling attention to this. Also, complete agendas of what improvements
and remedial actions are needed in Buckingham Pond Park.

Mick, Paddy and me took a traverse around the pond park, today, and
observed the above conditions , as well as others ,that need attention.
1. The dangerous, dead trees and limbs, noted above need immediate
attention by the City of Albany.
2. So do the footpaths, which become slippery when wet, posingfall
hazards to those who usethe paths.This, too, is a job for the City of
Albany.Crushed coarse, bluestone needs to be trucked in and spread over the footpaths.Particularly slippery sections are found at the pond East end, the
pond, South side and pond North side.This problem as been posted, again
and again on this site this year and last.In response, the City did attempt to
rectify theslip hazard butspread the wrong material - powdered gravel
which only worsened the hazard.
3. The wooded areas of the pond park particularly the South and West
sections, need to have active management which promotes the long term
health of those wooded areas. a) cut, remove vines strangling trees
b) remove dead trees and limbs thatpose a hazard
c) cut the brush around young trees so that they may mature - particularly
the young Hemlocks and other conifers, pond park South side between
Colonial and Milner.
4. Repositioning the drain pipe that runs into the small holding pond at the
Milner Ave footbridge.Observe end of the drain pipe is elevated upward so
that it is useless, except for collecting rainfall.
5. The childrens play area, North side, needs protection of a metal guard rail
or row of large rocks to prevent out of control, speeding vehicles on Berkshire
from crashing into the play area.
6. The pond shoreline needs to be stabilized through a program of planting
trees and bushes that thrive in wet conditions, while stabilizing the banks.
These include Willows, Red Osier Dogwoods, and others.
See past pond park posts this site for the last several years.
7. The park picnic tables need to be properly preserved and maintained.
The City of Albany has the ability and obligation to make the above
improvements to the pond park.

Residents of this neighborhood payhigher property taxes than many
Downtown neighborhoods, while we receive less than our fair share of police
presence to deter crime control speeding traffic, etc.

Buckingham Pond Park receives much less attention than Washington and
Lincoln Parks. As long as residents do not press the city for more police
presence and more improvementsto Buckingham Pond Park- expect little
or no change.

Call Mayor Jennings on his weeklyFriday Radio show b9-10 am, WDGJ
1300 AM - call in line # 476 1300. That will get results you need regarding
the above and any other neighborhood concerns you may have.

Now, with hard times here, citizens have to be expected to pitch in and help.
All neighborhood residents have been drafted into our neighborhood watch
insructed to call the APD,and/or NYS Anti Terror Hotline, when they spot
suspicious individuals, groups and behaviors.
See earlier posts for those telephone numbers.Residents around the pond
with a view of the pond ,particularly the parking lot at the footof Colonial
North side, have the responsibility of calling the APD when they see people
dumping household and other trash in park barrels ,see people feeding the ducks/geese ,vandalizing the park, littering or engaging in drug trades.

The newly formed Buckingham Pond Conservancy which purports to be
"working for the future of a small pond and a few acres of land"
and lists a steering committee of a dozen neighborhood residents has to get
to work!

Here are some tasks to work on:
1. Rake the leaves off the footpaths,pond South side Lenox to Milner.
Leaves are slippery and harbor ticks which pose a health hazard to
people and pets.
2. Rake the leaves off the grassy section at Milner Ave, South side.
The leaves will only kill the grass.They also harbor ticks.
3. Place stakes with bright orange ribbon marking slippery spots on
footpaths that require coarse ,crushed bluestone application by the City.
4. Place bright orange ribbons on trees and limbs that pose hazards over
5. Place bright orange ribbons on vines that are strangling trees
preventing them from maturing or killing them.
6. Find the useless upended drain pipe and mark it with a stake
and orange ribbon.
7. Read and download, all the prior posts on this site for the past
several years which identify pond park problems and present detailed
needed actions.

There is no need for the Conservancy to reinvent the wheel - that is
if participants are really sincere in their stated objective.
Just get to work and follow through on what has already been presented
on this site.

Joe Sullivan
posted by J P Sullivan 10:52 AM


Friday, March 27, 2009

The City of Albany Spring Tree ProgramOrder dead line is
Tues, Mar 31.

The Albany SWCD Tree/Shrub sale order deadline was: March 20.
However, it maystill be possible to order stock by calling765-7923.
The newly forming Buckingham Pond Conservancy group missed an
opportunityto get reasonably priced tree/shrub stock that could improve
the pond park's visual beauty, stabilize bank erosion and offer food and
shelter for wildlife.

Trees: Black Alder, Hybrid Poplar, Canaan Firand Sycamore.
Shrubs: Silky Dogwood.Pond Habitat Conservation Pacs including
2 each of: Red Osier Dogwood/ButtonbushNinebark/Sycamore/Black
Flowering T&S Pacs including 2 each of American Mtn Ash/Juneberry/
Spicebush,Sand Cherry/White Flowering Dogwood.

However, all is not lost, there are 2 other SWCD T&S sales still available.
Schenectady County 399-6980. Order deadline: April 17.
Stock included: Burning Bush/LilacRose of Sharon, White Flowering
Dogwood,Witch Hazel and Spicebush.
Rensselaer County 271-1740. Order deadline; April 30.Stock included:
Austrian Pine, Pagoda Flowering Dogwood, Rugosa Rose, LilacWinter
Berry Holly, Rose of Sharon, America Cranberry and Manchu Cherry.
Any and all of the above would be welcome additions to the pond park
as well a neighborhood yards. Obtaining and planting the above would
be of much more long term benefit to improving the pond park, than th
e trash/litter clean up which the Conservancy group has scheduled for

The neighborhood association does notsponsor clean ups because of the

Joe Sullivan

posted by J P Sullivan

None of the organizers of the "conservancy"
have been active on the Association Pond
Park Committee since 1994.

Their motives for creating this
"conservancy" must be questioned.

I have not been invited to any meetings
of the "conservancy" group, but am ready
and willing to address them.

I invite any participants in this group
as well as any interested neighborhood
residents to volunteer for a single pond
park committee under the auspices of
the Buckingham Pond/Crestwood
Neighborhood Association..

Our Association boundaries are:
Western Ave (N), S Manning Blvd (E)
NYS Thruway (S) and Rte 85 (W).

Buckingham Pond Park is the center
piece of our Neighborhood Association.

Participation in the established
Buckingham Pond/Crestwood NA will
best further the maintenance and
improvement of Buckingham Pond

We have several other committees
to serve on, including:

1. Neighborhood Security

2. Emergency/Disaster Preparedness

3. Traffic/Pedestrian Safety

We have accomplished much to
benefit the neighborhood in past years:


The Buckingham Pond/Crestwood Neighborhood Association
(BPCNA) was established in the mid-1980's.
Joseph P Sullivan organized the Association and has served
continuously as President.

BPCNA Boundaries: (N) Western Ave, (E) South Manning Blvd
(S) NYS TW (Whitehall Road)(W) Rte 85

(1) To protect, maintain and improve the residential integrity,
environment and quality of life in thisneighborhood
(2) To interact with city, county, state and federal governments
public and private schools/collegeschurches, synagogues, and
neighborhood businesses to achieve the above goals.
(3) To interact , and cooperate, with other neighborhood groups,
regarding issues of mutual concern.

are many. Just a few include:
Rezoning Albany Muni Golf Course and Buckingham Pond/shore
as Land Conservation (Park Land) in 1994.
Defeat of two attempts to site a big box store Krum Kill Rd at
New Scotland Ave(1999-2000).
DEC clean up of Boopsie Brownfield site, corner of Whitehall Rd
and New Scotland Ave,( 1997-98).
Defeat of two attempts to site a third middle school in the
neighborhood (1999-2000).
Restoration of Crestwood Plaza as a neighborhood retail-service
center (1997-2004).
Creation of Conifer tree buffer and 1 acre greenspace at
Buckingham Mews NE corner of New Scotland Ave and Krum Kill Rd
and green space at SW corner of South Manning Blvd and
New Scotland Ave (1980's).
Defeat of two attempts to rezone residential dwelling ,NW corner
of South Manning Blvd and New Scotland Ave ,as commercial (1995-96)
Defeat of two attempts to site a 100 ft cell phone tower in an R-1B
residential zoned neighborhood on Whitehall Rd (2004-2005).
Defeat of proposed 12 story apartment tower and parking garage
on 7.5 acre wooded parcel,containing 2 small wetlands and a tributary
of the Normans Kill,located on Krum Kill Rd (2004).

We will better serve our neighborhood
by being united, rather than divided and
working a cross purposes.

In invite all neighborhood residents to
participate in your neighborhood association.
It works, when you do!

Thank you.

Joe Sullivan
BPCNA President

Tel/Fax 438 5230


Monday, January 25, 2010


During December and January state and
local governments have dumped excessive
amounts of road salt on roadways.

If a cost-benefit analysis of this practice
were undertaken, it would reveal that
the costs far outweigh any benefits.

Road salt accelerates deterioration of
our transportation infrastructure
including road surfaces and bridges.

Road salt rusts our expensive motor
vehicles and rots their expensive tires.

Road salt contaminates our environment
including soil and water supplies; and
kills urban street trees.

Road salt causes health problems for
people, livestock and pets. It drys and
becomes airborne mixing with ozone
from vehicle exhausts contributing to
respiratory, lung, hypertension, kidney
heart and related health problems?

The current rains are washing the salt
from the air and roads, allowing us to
breathe easier for a few days.

However, when the next snow and ice
storms threaten; state, county, city and
town governments will be back at work
dumping excessive amounts of road
salt everywhere. They will not be alone
malls, supermarkets, hospitals, health
care providers, colleges and universities
and homeowners will be doing the same.

Isn't it ironic that governments are taking
actions aimed at restricting our salt intakes
in foods and restaurants, while doing
nothing to restrict their force feeding us
tons of road salt? Nothing to reduce the
costs of this practice?

Consider how much road salt finds it's
way into Buckingham Pond and what
adverse impact this has on pond ecology.

Look at the roadway to Thacher Park
and observe the guard rails that are
falling over the edge of the cliff. Can
entire sections of the road be far behind?

As you ride under elevated roads along
I-90, 787 and downtown Albany, observe
the damaging effects of road salt on the steel
and concrete above you. What about that
below you?

As you traverse Albany City streets, dodging
potholes, do you realize that excessive road
salt dumping by City OGS is a major factor
in the deterioration of those road surfaces?

Observe the poor condition of trees that
line city streets.

From highlands surrounding Albany and
other urban places, how many times , in
Winter and Spring, are those places obscurred
a blanket of smog, containing, among other
contaminates, airborne dried road salt?

You get the idea. Now, get after state, county
city and town governments to change their
ways. Malls, supermarkets, hospitals, schools
and all the others too.

Lastly, when weather is bad, roads icy and
snow covered, or flooded, ....slow down!

Joe Sullivan