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CONSERVATIVE ROW C FOR MAYOR CITY OF ALBANY NY November 5, 2013 Election U S Navy Veteran BS Geography, U Wisconsin (Korean GI Bill) MA Geography, U Minnesota (National Fellowship) 28 years as founder and president, Buckingham Pond/ Crestwood Neighborhood Assoc. maintaining/improving neighborhood residential integrity and quality of life. Leadership resulted in creation of Buckingham Pond Park in 1993-94, as well as many other open spaces. See bpcnanews.blogspot.com for list of leadership results. Neighborhood website: http://bpcnanews.blogspot.com/ see also: http://lonerangeralbany.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Tonight. Albany Public Library
Main branch  6:30 pm.

                Joe Sullivan

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Mayor Sheehan has set in motion
efforts to reassess homeowners in
residential neighborhoods and to
rezone the entire city.

Residents should look closely at
both these initiatives. Why are
they occurring? Are they related?

Are they part of the Obama agenda
to remake city neighborhoods and
control every aspect of out lives?

The question comes down to this -
do Albany residents want to control
their own zoning or will they allow
HUD  to take over city zoning in
the residential neighborhoods of
the 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 12th, 13th
14th and 15th Wards?

HUD control would destroy the
city property tax base, the lions
share of which is paid by single
family residences in the above

Who will fund city government
operations and city schools if
this is allowed to happen?




and note the  Sunday,Times Union 
ad for employment of Census field
workers who will be at work
from March to August gathering 
data which will be used to further
the HUD intrusion into local zoning

Albany homeowners and their
Common Council representatives
must become fully informed and
resist this HUD takeover of Albany
City zoning.

County residents, and their
representatives on Town and County
governments should do the same.

More than ever, voters need to
become informed, go to the polls
and cast informed votes rather
than staying home or dutifully
going to the polls and casting
mindless party line votes.

Your home, your neighborhood
and your Liberty will be on
the line in the 2015 and 2016
party primaries and general

                             Joe Sullivan


Sunday, December 14, 2014


The Albany County Legislature
is said, by some, to be too big.

The real problem is not size
but impotence of that body.

Legislative leaders are now
touting a proposal to downsize
the county legislature from 39
to 25 seats- to save money.

Really, the move is about assuring
Democratic Party control of the
county legislature.

Fewer and larger districts will
assure that. 

Republican members will all but 

Larger districts will make it
harder for ordinary citizens to
get on the ballot and to be
competitive in elections. 

Special interest groups will
support and finance candidates
who dance to the tunes of those
interest groups.

Downsizing the county legislature
will do nothing to save money
or assure better representation
of the people of Albany County.

The real budget buster for city
town and county taxpayers is
the fact that Albany City/County
is an ever growing social services
mecca that requires ever increasing
property taxes to fuel the beast.

Albany needs more independent
qualified, effective county legislators
to properly represent the people
of the respective districts and county
as a whole.

This can be achieved by informed
voters, voting in large numbers in
the 2015 party primaries and general

In addition, minor political parties
will play a greater role in local
elections in the wake of the decline
of the Democratic and Republican
Party organizations in Albany County.

Conservatives have ballot line Row C
Greens have ballot line Row D
The Working Families Party Row E
and 2 new minor parties - The Womens
Equality Party and Stop Common Core
Party will appear on Rows F and G
in 2015.

Prospective candidates- start your
engines- now!

Voters - fill your political viagra

                                  Joe Sullivan

Saturday, December 13, 2014

2013 Albany Mayoral
Election and 12/31/14

Listen carefully to a 58 minute mayoral
forum sponsored by WAMC Radio and the
NY League of Conservation Voters:


Reflect on Mayor Sheehan's first year in office.
What has she done and not done?

                                          Joe Sullivan


Be advised the door to door energy solicitors are back in your neighborhood. The department received a call to the area Glendale and New Scotland pertaining to a middle eastern male going door to door claiming to be from National Grid.  The units responded and interviewed this person who stated he was representing KIWI Energy.  Kiwi Energy is utility energy company which claims they can lower your energy bill. That company is based out NYC with a negative rating and 41 complaints from the BBB. Could you remind your neighbors not to release any personal information regarding your household or utility information. We do not want anyone to become a victim.    Presently the city clerks office is not issuing any door to door permits. If you do encounter them at your residence, tell them you're not interested and then contact the police and myself  so I can follow up.  Any questions feel free to email me
 Officer James Brooks
Albany Police Department CSU
536 Western Ave
Albany NY 12203
office 518-458-5669
station desk 518-458-5660
fax 518-458-5662
Non-Emergency 438-4000
                                                                        Joe Sullivan

Thursday, November 27, 2014


For 40 years I have lived in the
same house on New Scotland Ave
a busy commuter road that bisects
the Buckingham Pond/Crestwood

For 29 years I have served my
neighbors as President of the
BPCNA with the objective of
maintaining and improving the
residential integrity and quality
of life in this neighborhood which
is one of few remaining good
neighborhoods in the City of Albany.

Among our achievements toward that
end are:

1. Open space protection including
News Scotland Ave at intersections
with South Manning, Krum Kill
and Whitehall.  Rezoning Albany
Muni Golf Course and Buckingham
Pond and adjacent shore park land
Land Conservation (LC). Creation
of the Hartman Rd Community

2. Blocking development plans that
would have adversely impacted the
residential integrity of this neighbor-
hood, including a big box store, Krum 
Kill at New Scotland; a 3rd Middle school
at Whitehall and New Scotland; commercial
development at the corner of Whitehall
at New Scotland; a 12 story apartment
tower  and parking garage on Krum Kill
opposite Ohav Shalom senior apartments
and CP Center parking lot egresses through
Harding, Pine Tree, Marsdale; Hurst
Westford,Ferndale, Bancroft and Maxwell
conversion of Mercy Convent, on 
New Scotland office an office building.

3. Promoting planting of trees at curb sides
and front lawns.

There is much more to list, but let us
turn to 3 issues that are integral to
maintaining/improving the residential
integrity and quality of life in our
neighborhood:  traffic, snow plowing
and trees.

TRAFFIC  and reckless driving have
increased on New Scotland Ave and
tributary streets. Speeding, running
red lights/stop signs, passing on the
right are out of control.

No amount of red light traffic cameras
will reduce these offenses.

The Mayor and Common Council
have to proclaim that all traffic laws
will be strictly enforced on City streets.
Dispatch the APD to enforce this
proclamation. Increase fines for
violations. Reduce speed limit to
25 mph on all City streets. Less when
weather conditions warrant.

SNOW PLOWING must be better
organized and effective.

* plow New Scotland and other main
   commuter corridors with plows in
   tandem- at a slow  speed,  thereby
   reducing snow accumulation in
   curb lanes followed by speeding
   plows creating a tsunami of  heavy
   salt laden sludge that clogs driveways
   buries sidewalks, and damages
   street trees.

* use less road salt and begin snow
   plowing before snow accumulates

* reduce speed limits when adverse
   weather warrants

* DGS employees and supervisors
   need to be more sensitive and
   responsive to the needs and requests
   of city residents.

   Don't dump on us! Supervisors
   show up when citizens request
   that you inspect scenes of reckless
   irresponsible and incompetent
   snow plowing.

TREES. Street trees are dying at
unprecedented rates to a variety
of factors including old age, lack
of diversity, road salt intolerance
sidewalk and sewer projects and
lack of care by homeowners.

Urban reforestation of city streets
and front lawns is required. Trees
beautify neighborhoods, increase
property values, provide shade
and air conditioning in summer
provide winter windbreaks thereby
reducing heating costs and combat
air pollution by absorbing carbon
dioxide and emitting oxygen.

Last but not least street trees offer
pedestrians and homeowners some
measure of protection from out of
control, speeding, reckless traffic.

The City has a tree planting program
but homeowners, businesses and
institutions have to play a greater
role in urban reforestation.

Get involved. Your neighborhood
association works -when you do!

I await your call.

                              Joe Sullivan


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Neighborhood Advisory (Eagle Hill, Whitehall Rd, Buckingham Pond areas)

I received a call today from a neighborhood resident regarding two white males going door to door selling steaks/seafood. I did stop/interview them today {see details below}, apparently they stated they work for a company named Steak Supply, based out of Colonie NY. I resourced that company couldn't find anything local/domestic pertaining to that company. Presently the City Clerks ARE NOT issuing any door to door solicitors permits selling food. These two males are wearing company ID's, which are similar to the city permits with no identifying information pertaining to the solicitors. At a quick glance, they look like the city permits. If they approach/arrive at your residence, don't get into any confrontation with them, just tell them your not interested and close your door.

They were advised of the city law and to leave the area, but they may return at a later time.

 If necessary call the police and send me a email so I can follow up.  

Plate: 858RCK  Kentucky
Vehicle: late model mid 90's Dodge Dakota Pick Up color dark blue
with a box in the bed, labeled Steak Supply.Com
Subjects: 2 white mid 20's stocky build  names of Nicholas Redmond/Terrence Barnes 

Please call the ALBANY POLICE if you see anything that you think is not right!
NON EMERGENCY ---- 438-4000      CENTER STATION --- 458—5660
Members if you think you need to report something to the Police – there is NO (Non-Emergency)
call either --
Center Station # or 911

 Officer James Brooks
Albany Police Department CSU
536 Western Ave
Albany NY 12203
office 518-458-5669
station desk 518-458-5660
fax 518-458-5662

Non-Emergency 438-4000

                                                                                     Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Citizens For Public Transportation
NVTech_tran0066 altered
November 19th, 2014 at 7 PM
Location:   Albany Public Library, Pine Hills Branch
517 Western Avenue, Across from the Police Station
Gail Myers  NYS-wide Senior Action Council

Gail will be giving an informative talk on mass transit in Albany County. She will be answering questions from the audience…I’m sure you all have a few for her. Come join the other members of our community in learning dealing with the current Issues, Problems, and possible Solutions. See if you & your ideas can contribute to those Solutions that we will need. Be prepared to ask questions, and  receive an answer or two. Come, add your voice to the commentary about rider needs. All are welcome.
We’re looking for People to distribute these posters
Please contact us at: 518.436.1944
Also…sneek peek, our Holiday Party
2014-CFPT Holiday Poster

                                                                                    Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, November 12, 2014



Just to inform you that between Sept 29 2014 to Nov 11 2014, there has been at least "29" thefts from motor vehicles which occurred overnight (late evening/early morning 10pm-700am) in the neighborhood areas of the Manning Blvd Corridor (Manning/Western/New Scotland/Rt 85) .

These thefts were committed because vehicle owners were not securing their vehicles. Prevention is the best method from becoming a victim. Could you send out this advisory to all you neighbors and community members to remind them to lock their cars, so we can prevent future thefts.

NOTE: The station has been adding special patrol units assigned to this area with an attempt apprehend these suspects and to prevent  thefts, but we still need the community  assistance in this crime prevention measure to prevent future thefts.. 

Time: bwt 1000pm-700am
Sunday-Tuesday and Thursday-Friday

Method of Entry: UNLOCKED/UNSECURED vehicles
Items Stolen: change, electronics, small items

Method of Operation: vehicle rummaged through, including glove compartment

Suspect: teenagers ages between 14-16 
Time Length of Crime Committed: 1-2 minutes

Please call the ALBANY POLICE if you see anything that you think is not right!
CENTER STATION --- 458—5660
NON EMERGENCY ---- 438-4000

 Officer James Brooks
Albany Police Department CSU
536 Western Ave
Albany NY 12203
office 518-458-5669
station desk 518-458-5660
fax 518-458-5662

Non-Emergency 438-4000