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Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Watch out for ticks in
Buckingham Pond Park
your gardens and when
the grass is wet with dew.


                   Joe Sullivan

Monday, July 20, 2015


Radical Transformation 
of America coming to
your neighborhood.


Local churches and
Family Promise willing
partners in Obama's
plan to radically transform
America and control your
health care, education
and now your neighborhood.

Albany's politicians are
willing partners in this
tyranny - rushing to
rezone and reassess the

Suburbs are next.

                 Joe Sullivan


Monday, July 13, 2015


Why is a city riddled with
potholes, a welfare mecca
on the verge of bankruptcy
rushing to radically transform
local zoning and implement
property tax reassessment?


http://rezonealbany.com/sites/rezonealbany.com/files/document/pdf/ReZone Albany Technical Report

Here is the answer:




An informed electorate 
casting informed votes is
the key to your survival
the survival of Albany
America and our Constitutional

Pay attention. Vote smart!

                       Joe Sullivan

Friday, July 10, 2015


The City DGS provided the wheel barrows
shovels, rakes and gravel.

Sheriff Apple provided the inmate work
crew who provided the labor.

Monday and Tuesday  the inmates did
an excellent job resurfacing the paths
on the South and East parts of the park.

The City DGS will complete the path
resurfacing from the picnic area to the
children's  play area.

This is the first phase of  our effort
to improve Buckingham Pond Park.

Refer to earlier posts to see the agenda
for the remainder of the summer.

This project shows how the County
and City can work together and how
community service for non-violent
offenders can benefit both the
community and inmates.

Thanks to Bob Minard and George
of City DGS, Mayor Sheehan,
Sheriff Apple, the inmates and officers.

                                Joe Sullivan

Thursday, July 02, 2015

 JULY 4  Parking
 Road closures

From: Albany Police Department [albany-police-department@emails.nixle.com]
Sent: Thursday, July 02, 2015 10:49 AM
To: James Brooks
Subject: Advisory Message: Road Closures, Parking Restrictions and Suggested Egress Route for July 4th.

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Thursday July 2, 2015, 10:48 AM

Albany Police Department

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Advisory: Road Closures, Parking Restrictions and Suggested Egress Route for July 4th.
Dear James Brooks,
July 4th Fireworks at Empire State Plaza
Road Closures and Parking Prohibitions

Parking Prohibitions:
July 3rd at Noon until July 5th at 1PM for Fireworks at Empire State Plaza.

-State Street, both sides from S. Swan Street to Eagle Street
July 4th at 6AM until July 5th at 6AM
-Upper Lincoln Park all roadways between Delaware Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard.

This includes the roadway adjacent to TOAST School and near the tennis courts, basketball courts and spray pool (Sunshine School)

July 4th 12:01AM-11:59PM for July 4th Fireworks at Empire State Plaza.

-Madison Place, North Side from Eagle Street to Philip Street
-Elm Street, north side from Eagle Street to Grand Street
-Philip Street, east side from Madison Ave to Warren Street
-Bleeker Street, south side from Philip Place to Eagle Street

July 4th 5AM to 11:59PM for July 4th Fireworks at Empire State Plaza

-Madison Avenue, both sides from S. Swan Street to Eagle Street

July 4th 5AM-11:59PM for July 4th Fireworks at Empire State Plaza

- Washington Avenue, north side from Eagle Street to S. Swan Street
- Washington Avenue, south side from S. Swan Street east to opposite N. Hawk Street
- Washington Avenue, north side from S. Swan Street west to 111 Washington Avenue
- N. Hawk Street, east side from Washington Avenue to Elk Street

Road Closures:
July 3rd at 6PM until July 5th at 1PM Closed to ALL Traffic

- State Street between S. Swan Street and Eagle Street

July 4th at 6AM until July 5th at 6AM Closed to ALL Traffic

- Upper Lincoln Park roadways between Delaware Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Boulevard. (TOAST School roadway, roadway to tennis courts, basketball courts , spray pool, and sunshine school building)

July 4th 8AM until 11:59PM Closed for all except Local and Emergency Traffic:
- Madison Place between Eagle Street and Philip Street
- Philip Street between Madison Avenue and Myrtle Avenue
- Elm Street between Eagle Street and Grand Street
- Wilbur Street between Philip Street and Grand Street
- Bleeker Place between Philip Street and Eagle Street
- Myrtle Avenue between Eagle Street and Grand Street

July 4th 4PM until 11:59PM Closed to all but Event and Emergency Vehicles

- Madison Avenue between S. Swan Street and Eagle Street

July 4th 6AM until 11:59PM Closed to all but Event and Emergency Vehicles:

- State Street between S. Swan Street and Eagle Street

Additional Closures may be necessary based upon traffic volumes and delays. APD will be on site through the event to assist motorists with their exit from this family event. Message Boards will be in place with motorist information. We are asking for cooperation and patience during your commute home.

CDTA will have several buses available for use for those individuals who choose not to bring their vehicle to the event. Busses will be staged on Washington Avenue in the area of the NYS Capital. CDTA will have staff on site to assist selecting the correct bus.

Several egress routes have been identified for traffic leaving the Fireworks event. Please see the attached map showing suggested routes.

PLEASE SEE ATTACHED FOR SUGGESTED EGRESS ROUTES. For full details, view this message on the web.
Sent by Albany Police Department
165 Henry Johnson Boulevard, Albany, NY 12210
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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

From Officer Brooks:
Neighborhood Advisory:
Recent Burglary
Location: Kakely St
Time/Date: 6/30/15 745a-145p
Type of Entry: forced open locked rear door
Items Taken: credit cards
Suspect: unknown
NOTE: Attention all neighborhood residents who received the email. I can not express this enough, it is imperative that you be familiar with your neighbors and communicate with them. Know their vehicles, and or their routines. The reason I am stating this, while the officers were investigating the burglary, they were doing a neighborhood canvass. During that canvass it was discovered that the neighbors noticed two unknown vehicles in the area and an unknown male looking into household windows on Kakely, during the daytime hours of the same date of the burglary. What upsets me the most is that Kakely is a small street with limited vehicular usage and is some what a close knit neighborhood street. The residents noticed suspicious vehicles and a person and NO ONE CALLED the police.  What I'm trying to say is that "IF You See Something Say Something", call the police if you see anything/anyone suspicious in your neighborhood.   
If anyone has any questions/concerns feel free to contact me.
 Officer James Brooks
Albany Police Department CSU
536 Western Ave
Albany NY 12203
office 518-458-5669
station desk 518-458-5660
fax 518-458-5662
cell 518-795-0020
Non-Emergency 438-4000
                                                           Joe Sullivan 

Friday, June 26, 2015


Albany City DGS Chief Labor
Supervisor Bob Minard in
cooperation with Sheriff Apple 
has scheduled an inmate work
party for Buckingham Pond
Park improvement , July 6 and 7.

The focus will be on  foot path

Albany DGS will provide gravel
wheel barrows and tools.

Sheriff Apple will provide an
inmate work party .

Neighbors volunteering to
provide lunch for the work
party, officers and DGS
staff would be appreciated.

Contact me for further

Review earlier posts this
subject/site June 15, 10
May 21 and April 7.

                 Joe Sullivan