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Friday, June 26, 2015


Albany City DGS Chief Labor
Supervisor Bob Minard in
cooperation with Sheriff Apple 
has scheduled an inmate work
party for Buckingham Pond
Park improvement , July 6 and 7.

The focus will be on  foot path

Albany DGS will provide gravel
wheel barrows and tools.

Sheriff Apple will provide an
inmate work party .

Neighbors volunteering to
provide lunch for the work
party, officers and DGS
staff would be appreciated.

Contact me for further

Review earlier posts this
subject/site June 15, 10
May 21 and April 7.

                 Joe Sullivan


Monday, June 15, 2015


Friday, June12, took a walk
around Buckingham Pond
Park with Bob Minard, DGS
Labor Supervisor.

We observed work that needs
to be done, including;

* coarse gravel spreading on 
foot paths to improve drainage
and traction

*removing dead trees/limbs 
overhanging the path between 
Euclid and Lenox, South aside
and stacking cut firewood at
the foot of Lenox for pick up
by neighborhood residents

* eradicating the knot weed
invasion; installing  a guard rail
or rock barrier to prevent a
run away vehicle from dropping
down on the path below the
foot of Lenox 

* cutting brush and vines in
the wooded path from Lenox 
to Holmes Dale

* controlling shoreline erosion
by planting more trees/shrubs
that are suitable for that purpose.

See earlier posts, June 10, May 21
April 7 this website.

These improvements will be made
during the course of the summer.

DGS will coordinate  with inmate
work parties provided by Sheriff
Apple to establish a work schedule
between the hours of 8:30 AM -
2 PM on selected week days.

Residents who wish to volunteer
to provide lunches/refreshments
for the inmate and city workers
are needed. Also, a volunteer
coordinator for this purpose.

Lunch time  11 AM.

 Please contact me. Thank you.

                             Joe Sullivan


With the advent of warm weather
and school soon to be out, secure
your bikes.

A message forwarded by Officer
Brooks:  jbrooks@albany- ny.org


                                               Joe Sullivan

Thursday, June 11, 2015



                             Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Lately while walking
Paddy and Mick, we
have encountered
weed killers in the air
and fine granules of
grub killers, other
lawn chemicals and
fertilizers on sidewalks.

In many cases the
required postings were
nowhere to be seen.

Dogs absorb these
when they walk through
them and later , ingest
them, when they groom

Humans pick them up
on shoe bottoms and
track them into their
homes..unless they
do not wear street shoes
in their homes.

Both dogs and humans
inhale airborne chemicals.

Today, a breezy day
I observed a man wearing
rubber boots and gloves
pushing a spreader spewing
granules in a wide arc and
following up by spraying
some  chemical on the lawn
and adjacent sidewalk.

A passerby walking a happy
puppy walked through . Next
came a woman with a child
in a stroller. After that a woman
with an old dog in tow.

All oblivious to what they
were stepping in and breathing

In fairness, the chemical man
had posted bright yellow
warning signs, but had not
yet blown the residues from
the sidewalk.

Is it any wonder that asthma
and cancers are plaques in
our modern world?

                  Joe Sullivan



Yesterday, took the inmate
work crew provided by
County Sheriff Apple for
a traverse around the pond 
park to highlight the work
and improvements needed.

Today, talked with City
DGS Commissioner Mirabile
about coordinating city-
county efforts to improve
the park.

City workers have much
work to do after a hard winter.

This cooperative city-county
collaboration will help
Mayor Sheehan in her efforts
to balance the city budget.

Non violent offenders doing
needed public/community
service work is good for them
and good for improving our
neighborhood residential 
integrity and quality of life
as well as for property tax

We will work out a schedule
to accomplish needed work
and park improvements
such as those outlined in
the May 21 and April 7 
posts on this site.

Be sure to read the advisory
post below. The APD will be
strictly enforcing speed
limits and cracking down 
on drivers who run traffic
lights/stop signs and who
illegally pass on the right
in curb lanes.

                 Joe Sullivan


Neighborhood Advisory Neighborhood Leaders Please Disseminate this message to your members
As everyone has noticed the Police Command Vehicle as been parked in the area of Buckingham Pond. I would like to inform everyone IT IS NOT due to a crime increase. The crime in this area is respectfully low. The vehicle is parked at the pond as a strategic static resource point for this objective. Presently the department is engaging in a zone maintenance initiative of the two patrol zones in that area The neighborhood effected are Buckingham Pond/Krumkill Rd/New Scotland Ave Area neighborhoods. This operation will continue till the end of the month.
The reason for said initiative was based on several neighborhood complaints of vehicles speeding and disregarding traffic control signals within the mentioned neighborhoods.  The majority of the violations are based on the increased commuter traffic during certain hours of the day (morning/afternoon) 
If anyone has any questions/concerns feel free to email me
 Officer James Brooks
Albany Police Department CSU
536 Western Ave
Albany NY 12203
office 518-458-5669
station desk 518-458-5660
fax 518-458-5662
cell 518-795-0020
Non-Emergency 438-4000
Good News from APD
                   Joe Sullivan  

Monday, June 08, 2015


11 AM observed city workers applying
SONAR  chemical to pond park.

A very windy say. Told one of the workers
posting warning signs  that the pond water
aerators should be shut down for 24 hours
because winds carry airborne chemical
water spray over paths , children's
play area and picnic area. Not beneficial 
for humans to breathe. 

Blue-green algae  is not the only pond

Observe the expanding knotweed
invasion, to East of foot of Lenox
South side. If not immediately dealt
with, it will spread to the whole park
and neighboring residential properties.

Don't step in the bird droppings near
the children's play area, pond North


Followed up with similar message to Mayor's
office and DGS.

APD mobile crime HQ was at semi circle
park parking lot.

Of late APD units have been stopping
speeders on New Scotland Ave. Good!

Tonight at Cap Hills Golf Course 7 pm
a meeting is slated to update neighbors
on Normanskill issue. Cost sure to be
of concern, 2 million dollars? More
likely to set stage for  golf course sale.

Rumors have been circulating that
the City has sold, or is about to sell
the municipal golf course, to try and
balance a huge and growing budget
gap? If true, another wrong move.

One shot fixes will do little to prevent
Albany from becoming Detroit on the

Reassessment, rezoning, poor city
school environments, gambling with
children's education by employing
a lottery system, busing students
failing to return to a K-8 neighborhood
school system, poor city decisions
which threaten the residential
integrity, quality of life, home
values, the City property tax base
and support for city schools/city
government services are causing
people to sell out and flee the
few nice residential neighborhoods
left in the City.  

Witness 4 sale signs  as  numerous
as Spring flowers in those residential
neighborhoods that pay the lion's
share of property taxes that support
city schools and services.

Add , to this the growing social services
burden on taxpayers  which is the root
of high property taxes in Albany and
closely related to failing city schools.

Is it true that Albany ranks as the
6th worst city in the Nation for
retirement?  USA Today report?


Ask senior home owners trying
to hang on to their homes with fixed
incomes and ever increasing
property taxes.

                                 Joe Sullivan


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Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Chris Churchill spells it out:


                            Joe Sullivan


Thursday, May 21, 2015


Paddy and me took a stroll
around the park today.

A grand day with cool temps.

Good to see Jack and Carl
back at work. They do a fine

No water and electricity for
their shed yet. The City needs
to provide these soon.

Spoke with Sheriff Apple about
obtaining a jail work party to
improve the pond park. The
Sheriff said he can do this.

Spoke with Jack and Carl
and asked them to make a list
of things they need some help

I will contact the City Forester
about tree work,  cutting vines
and planting some young
replacement trees, and stacking
firewood at several locations on
the South and West sides of the
park, for pick up and use by

Will coordinate with City Parks
and DGS regarding  resurfacing
paths with coarse gravel to provide
better drainage and footing.

Will get a guard rail or large rocks
installed at foot of Lenox, South 
side , to protect walkers, joggers
and pets from having an out of 
control vehicle drop down on them 
on the path below.

The knotweed invasion just
to the right of this location needs
to be eradicated before in spreads
throughout the park and to nearby
residential properties.

Will  try to get some blue light
emergency phones installed
at key locations around the pond.

Some residents on the South
side of Rafts Way are dumping
yard wastes in the wooded area
of the park.

Maybe the holding pond might
be fenced for safety?

Scroll down to April 7 post
for more detail.

                        Joe Sullivan