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Thursday, July 19, 2007

AN OPEN LETTER July 19, 2007

To neighborhood households, churches, synagogues, schools, health care providers, pharmacies, restaurants and food stores, senior apartments, gas
stations and the local media.

Are you ready to survive a natural or man made disaster, emergency or terror attack?

What plans/preparations have you put in place?

Are individual households prepared to survive on their own? Are neighborhood
churches, synagogues, schools prepared to offer water, food, shelter to congregants, students, and neighborhood residents? Do you have alternate sources of water, heat, light in place?

What plans/ preparations have neighborhood pharmacies, gasoline stations, other businesses, and heath care providers made?

Consider the chaos that could follow a massive, coordinated terror attack. No lights, no water, sewage system down, no gas. Fires raging throught the neighborhood, with no water to fight them. Lawless mobs, pillaging and plundering homes, institutions, businesses.

We are warned by the terrorists themselves, that they intend to make devestating attacks on our homeland. These warning are echoed by our own Homeland Security Department. Homeland Security further warns us we will be on our own
and urges us to make plans/preparations for our own survival.

Well? Have you? I suspect NOT!

Better get on the ball. Time is short. Do so, NOW!

I am weary from urging you to do so...and seeing little or no response.

Rather than repeat myself, the following earlier posts are contained herein for your review and action:


http://www.bt.cdc.gov/ very useful

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007





Let's have more crime and criminal control.

Begin by an aggressive Operation Impact to disarm criminals, gangbangers and anti-social malcontents, who are the natural allies of the foreign terrorists who seek to destroy us and our way of life.

Failure of government to immediately act on this, will invite disaster.

To infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of law abiding
citizens, to bear arms, is to deprive citizens of the ability to defend themselves and their homes, against the chaos, civil disorder, looting, pillaging ,and worse, that will follow a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

Government can not save us from this fate. We must be able to defend and save ourselves.

J P Sullivan

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January 17, 2007



http://www.semo.state.ny.us/index.cfm State Emergency Management Office

http://www.semo.state.ny.us/dpc/index.cfm State Disaster Preparedness Commission

http://www.security.state.ny.us/ State Office of Homeland Security

http://www.dmna.state.ny.us/ State Division Military/Naval Affairs

http://www.troopersstate.ny.us/ State Police

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Monday, January 8, 2007



New York State government? The City of Albany or other local governments? Neighborhood associations, churches, synagogues, schools, health acre providers, businesses, employers? Individual households?


State government and Congress are in transition as political power has shifted and reorganization takes place. This process takes time and leaves us particularly vulnerable in the event of disasters and/or terrorist attacks.

Day One has come and gone. Politicians and the media appear focused on petty politics, political power struggles, and special interest group agendas; all of which will be immediately irrelevant when disasters or terror attacks occur. Then it will be too late!

Each of us is responsible for our own survival and that of our loved ones.

Do not delay another day in becoming informed about what you and your loved ones can do to increase the odds of survival in the event of disasters or terror attacks.

For starters, here are a few useful websites. Consult them, download useful information, share it with family, friends and neighbors who may not have computer access/skills. Above all, apply what you learn NOW.

U S Homeland Security www.ready.gov

American Red Cross www.redcrossneny.org/


Albany County www.albanycounty.com/

Encourage local media to publish articles, information, present programs, psa's and newstime spots relating to preparing for and surviving emergencies, disasters and terrorist attacks.

Watch this site for more information and comments.

Joe Sullivan 438 5230

Wednesday, March 9, 2005


HOME LAND SECURITY should be the top priority of government at every level, of institutions, of churches, synagogues, schools, neighborhoods, of households and individuals.

Social security, Medicaid, health care, a timely state budget, a west side stadium in NYC, a convention center in Albany, more money for public schools, rennovation of Albany High and the Arbor Hill School are all important questions.

But, their importance pales in significance to, what should be everyone's priority and focus - home land security.

If our communities, cities, states and nation are laid low by multiple, simultaneous terror attacks, none of the aforementioned questions will matter.

Without further delay, we must insist that (1) our national borders and ports are secure (2) our water supplies are safe, with alternative supplies planned for, (3) nuclear power plants are really secure and fully protected. Shut down those that are not, particularly those near or upwind from large metropolitan areas (4) a coal based backup electrical power system is in place (5) rebuild our local, state and national rail system to carry passengers and freight (6) restore our manufacturing capabilities (7) initiate a six month draft of persons ages 18-25 to be trained to perform a variety of military, police and public service functions (8)take immediate action to disarm criminals and gangs, particularly those in urban areas, because they are the likely allies of foreign terrorists and (9) identify, round up and deport all illegal immigrants and persons who, by their behavior, deeds and words are a threat to our national security.

The war on terror will likely never be fully won, but, unless prompt, decisive actions, like those, outlined above, are taken to protect our home land, we are vulnerable to mass devastation and chaos that is beyond comprehension.

All our current concerns will be forgotten, as we struggle for survival.

Let it not come to that desperate stage. Encourage your government officials, at every level to demonstrate that they all doing all that they can in the area of home land security. At, the same time, do all that you can to make sure a worse case scenario does not occur;and if it does, that you and your loved ones will survive.

J P Sullivan

Monday, September 26, 2005


The storm ravaged Gulf Coast and the suffering of the people there seem like a made for tv drama. This past Sunday's TU devoted much space to photos and stories from the Gulf Coast.

As local residents have watched and listened to or read about the hurricane disaster and the resulting unavailability of water, food, fuel and all the things we take for granted will always be there for us - has it crossed their minds what could happen here in Albany if disaster and /or terror attacks were to occur in the dead of winter?

Are our local governments and state government ready to respond to any number of scenarios? Are our churches, synagogues, schools and hospitals? Do local governments and the state have mutual aid plans ready to implement? Are food stores, pharmacies, medical providers, distributors, utilities, transportation agencies ready? Are individuals and households prepared to survive on their own?

With criminals and gangs heavily armed, who will protect us against the violence, chaos, disorder, pillaging and plundering likely to follow a major disaster or terror attack locally?

Campaign 2005 is not your ordinary politics as usual event. 9-11 changed all that. But the politicians and public are not willing or able to grasp this fact. We have to think and behave differently, if we are to survive what may come our way.

Alive at Five, First Night Celebration, and the Tulip Festival , a 7 million dollar riverfront amphitheater and a 200 million dollar plus downtown convention center, redevelopment plans Park South, Midtown and Arbor Hill would instantly become irrelevant in a major disaster ot terror attack.

I am doing my best to prepare my family for any eventuality. It is only fair to expect our churches, synagogues, and schools to be doing the same. Do they have emergency supplies of water, food, fuel and electric generators on hand? Are they prepared to provide shelter to victims of a disaster or terror attack?

What plans have our Mayor and Common Council made? Let's hear them. Now.

Why is the local media not providing useful vital knowledge about what kinds of natural or man-made disasters or terror attacks might occur and what can , and should be done, to [prepare to survive such events? Why is the media not investigating and reporting on the level of readiness of our local and state governments , our institutions and all sectors of our economy?

Somehow, I get the nagging feeling that we are not prepared locally.

Only 41 days to Election Day. Hopefully, the electorate will elect a Mayor , Common Council, City Court Judge and County Sheriff who realize what can befall us, and who are able to articulate what needs to be done to prepare and who can provide the leadership that will be required to survive whatever may befall us in the days ahead.
J P Sullivan



That's it for now. Get to work. J P Sullivan 7/19/07

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