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Thursday, April 27, 2006

BUCKINGHAM POND PARK. WHAT TO DO? A PLAN OF ACTION. The park needs work and neighbors have a role to play in park improvement. THE WEST END of the park -from the holding pond, corner of Berkshire and Davis to Greenway, requires the following actions: (1) clean and fence the holding pond for safety; (2) repair the split rail fence that was damaged by an out of control vehicle; (3) improve and extend the gravel pathway alongside Davis Ave for the entire length of the park boundary. THE BIG QUESTION is should this portion of the park remain a natural area and habitat for wildlife and birds or should it be improved with pathways etc.? HOMEOWNERS bordering the park on Milner and Davis should be canvassed to determine their views regarding this question, because they are the most directly impacted. ONE THING FOR SURE -this part of the park SHOULD NOT BE A PLACE FOR TEENS TO HANG OUT DRINK, DO DRUGS etc. This problem can be dealt with by HOMEOWNERS along Milner and Davis and APARTMENT DWELLERS in Stonehenge Apts being enlisted in our neighborhood watch. All they have to do is observe what goes on at different times of the day or night, and call the APD when necessary. THE RAFT'S WAY section of the park (1) contains a lot of litter and yard wastes , some it attributable to neighbors residing on Colonial Ave. (2) The Milner Ave foot bridge area and Milner at Raft's Way has become a gathering place for teens to hang out, party, make noise and litter. (3) The park lighting needs improvement, particularly the light by the foot bridge, which is often out. (4) A blue light emergency call box should be place in this location. (5)The flower pots at either end of the foot bridge need to be cleaned, planted and graffiti removed. There is also graffiti on several of the utility poles or fixtures along Raft's Way. (6) The wildflower area and trees planted on the pond dredgings needs improvement to insure survival of the trees and maintenance of a diversity of wild flowers . (7) the pathways need improvement, particularly the Milner Ave foot bridge path. HOMEOWNERS living on those portions of Milner and Colonial Aves and Holmes Dale can play a role in dealing with these issues and needed improvements, as well as participating in our Neighborhood Watch/Patrol. THE SOUTH SHORE POND AREA bordered by Bekshire South between Lenox and Euclid needs work. (1) The wooden bulk heading along the lower path needs to be replaced with a more durable one - stone, with some fill and plants like Red Dogwood that can stablize that part of the shore. (2) the pathway needs to be restored and that portion by the steep slope at the foot of Lenox should be made more pedestrian friendly. It is a fall hazard because of loose gravel, and when the weather is wet or icy. (3) litter and yard wastes exist along the hillside bordering the pathway. (4) graffiti needs to be removed from the guard rails at the foot of Euclid. This guard rail has also been damaged by out of control speeding traffic coming down the hill on Euclid. (4) The pond shoreline, EAST END bend, is also in need of stabilization, including plantings. SECURITY can be improved by: (A) HOMEOWNERS on Berkshire and Lower Lenox. Euclid and Kakely (overlooking the pond) being more observant and calling the APD as necessary and B) installing a blue light emergency phone at the foot of Lenox, South side of pond, and, perhaps, one at the foot of Euclid, North side of pond . THE NORTH SHORE POND is in pretty good shape. (1) some shoreline stablization is needed (2) a bench or two would be nice (3) some people who walk small dogs along this sector need to be more responsible and thoughtful of others, by cleaning up after their dogs . (4) DO NOT FEED THE DUCKS AND GEESE - their droppings become a disease hazard, particularly with Bird Flu on the way. Bird welfare creates a dependency situation and the birds suffer in winter when no one braves the cold to feed them. THE SEMI-CIRCLE GROVE AREA (foot of Colonial) , North side of pond (1) is a hangout for drifters, drug dealers and graffiti artists at night. There should be no loitering after dark. HOMEOWNERS and STONEHENGE APT RESIDENTS can improve SECURITY along the POND NORTH SHORE by being observant, participating in our Neighborhood Watch, and calling the APD West Station when necessary . (2) a blue light emergency phone at this location is necessary. THE CHILDREN'S PLAY AREA West of semi-circle, Noth side of pond, is well utilized. (1) TWO SAFETY QUESTIONS? Firstly, install a guard rail to protect children and pedestrians along the section of pond park from Davis to Colonial. Berkshire is a regular speed way and an out of control vehicle could cause a tradgedy at the play area. Secondly, how much of a hazard is the underground natural gas line that runs along the park boundary at this section? POND WATER QUALITY is an issue. Road salt, lawn chemical run off and invasive plant species contribute directly to a decline of pond water quality. The City will have to stop dumping road salt on the perimeter roads (sand will do nicely) and homeowners in the watershed of the pond will have to examine their lawn care practices which directly contribute to the decline and eventual death of the pond. (Good Luck on this one, because homeowners have a chemical dependency which has risen to the level of a public health hazard. Don't look for any politicians to address this issue. It will have to be resolved through education, not legislation) . PARK VEGETATION needs to be surveyed to determine what kinds of trees, plants and wildflowers should be added to improve the visual beauty and ecology of the park, and stabilize shore erosion. Invasive plant species replacing native plants is an additional concern. A CLOSING OBSERVATIONS - (1) time to take down the thin ice warning signs nailed to trees and utliity poles around the pond. Shouldn't be nailed. (2) how about a water founatin or two for thirsty pedestrians and their faithful canine companions? BUCKINGHAM POND PARK CAN BE IMPROVED BY GETTING INVOLVED IN YOUR BUCKINGHAM POND NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION - IT WORKS WHEN YOU DO! The neighborhood has a solid record of achieve for the past 20 years and a clear, well-crafted statement of objectives - all that is missing is your participation on the Pond Park Committee , as Block Captains, and as Active Members of the Neighborhood Watch/Patrol. We need homeowners to look out their windows, more often. Dog walkers, joggers, pedestrians to carry cell phones programmed to the APD West Station and State Anti-Terror Hotline- and use them when circumstances require. GO TO our neighborhood association wen site:, review entries, particularly the November archive, which provides a statement of our goals and accomplishments. Joe Sullivan, BPCNA, President. Tel/Fax 438 5230 Get involved. Call me .



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