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Friday, April 07, 2006

A crime wave has hit our neighborhood, including a number of daytime house break- ins/burglaries, vandalism, graffiti, and most recently two rapes reported.

Kate Gurnett broke a Times Union story: Rash of burglaries hits uptown TU pB3 Thurs April 6. Kate can be reached at 454 5490 or email

Today, APD Sgt Fred Alberti and APD Officer Kathleen Rissberger were at Buckingham Pond to survey the pond park , which has become a staging area for bad behavior, drifters, drug use and dealing, and more.

What can you do? Stay alert, oberserve what goes on around your home and keep a sharp eye out when travelling through the neighborhood on foot, by bike, or car. Look for stangers and strange behavior. Report these to APD West Station at 458 9818. Also contact me(tel/fax) at 438 5230 or e mail at

Volunteer for our neighborhood watch/patrols to assist and work with APD to apprehend ciminals and keep our homes and neighborhood safe. Call me: 438 5230.

Two Friday's ago, I was on Mayor Jennings' Friday morning radio show
(WROW 590 AM 9-10 AM every Friday. Call in line # 467 5959), to alert the Mayor and urge neighbors to get involved in putting an end to these kinds of criminal activities in our neighborhood.

Combatting crime and emergency/disaster preparedness are two of our neighborhood priorities, in addition to proper land use planning with our participation and consent in this neighborhood. Read earlier and original entries on this blog.

To be part of our neighborhood watch/patrols or to participate in other Association activities e mail me ( with your name, address, phone /fax numbers and e mail address. Also, check this site from time to time to keep up to date on what is happening, or not happening in our neighborhood.

9-11 changed our lives forever. Terrorists have vowed to hit us again. We know they
will, but we don't know how, where and when? Every household, church, synagogue, school, business, and health care provider in our neighborhood must be prepared to
cope with whatever will come our way in the days and months ahead.

Be on the look out for persons who may be casing our neighborhood for possible terror acts. Report any suspicous persons, activities to the anti-terror hotline
at 1 866 SAFE NYS (723 3697).

Social malcontents in our city are likely allies of foreign terrorists who supply
them with drugs, money and weapons. It is not too much a stretch of imagination to
contemplate uncontrolled hordes rampaging, pillaging and plundering in our neighborhoods as a follow up to a series of simultaneous, nationwide terror attacks
that plunge our nation, states, and cities into lawless chaos, as people struggle to
survive. Check out US Dept of Homeland Security 1-800 BE READY to get further info
on what you might expect and what you must do to prepare.

Remember this, we will be on our own, when it happens. Don't expect government will
be able to save us. We will have to save ourselves. Anticipate, observe, and prepare
for natural, man-made disasters and terror attacks.

We are all foot soldiers in the war on terror. It is a war unlike any other we have
known, and we must be prepared for whatever comes our way.

Joe Sullivan


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