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Saturday, October 07, 2017


This morning early on Talk 1300 host
Rich Vassi and News Reporter Darrell
Camp briefly discussed the frustration
they (and we all) feel with the the sharp
political divisions that are tearing our
destroying our Nation.

Darrell speculated that most people are
seeking to escape the reality by seeking
comfort anyway they can. 

Rich and Darrell gave me a few momemts
in a call in to respond.

We live in perilous times for our city and
our Country. However, rather that seeking
to escape reality, we should recognize it
prepare for what, natural and man-made
disasters that will come our way in the days
weeks and months ahead and deal with those

We are living out a real life battle for survival.

Ponder this. A severe winter storm, sub zero
temperatures coupled with a terror attack
knocking out the power grid, water and sewer
natural gas utilities and communications
systems including 911, cell phones, internet.

Are you anticipating what can and will occur?
Are you ready to survive? Or will you look to
government to save you?

Do you understand that government can't save
us? That we must save ourselves and our

Are you ready?  Have you set aside enough water
food, fuel, medicines, and essentials  to survive on 
your own for an extended period of time?  Do you
know first aid? Have you prepared to defend your
loved ones, your homes, your property? Do you 
keep your vehicle gas tanks full? Have go bags
packed, if evacuations are ordered? Know how
and where you would go? Or how you would survive
in place? How you and your loved ones will
communicate and gather?

You get the idea. Get ready starting today.

Go to    county, state and emergency
preparedness websites. Inform yourselves and
get ready.

If you depend on life saving prescriptions be
sure to have a 90 day supply on hand at all

The next Mayor of Albany must be a leader
who will  organize, and mobilize government
to focus on emergency/disaster preparedness.
But, in the end you bear the ultimate responsibilty
for the survival of yourselves, your loved ones
your neighbors and others around you.

Read   this website posts, as well as and

Listen to my interviews with Focus on  Albany
at blog talk radio. Cynthia Pooler.

There you will find clear, concise position
statements as to where I stand on issues
in this election that matter to the survival
of Albany and to each of us, including
restoring fiscal solvency, law and order
diversity with allegiance, repeal of Rezone
Albany Zoning, 25 mph City speed limits
on City residential streets. Strict enforcement
of this speed limit, and all V&T laws.
Improved snow removal, waste disposal
recycling,  consolidation of City schools
with City government. Property tax relief
and more.

Your party affiliation will be irrelevant. 

I humbly ask for your votes. 

The November 7 election offers you the
clearest choice possible in averting Albany
from becoming Detroit on The Hudson.

Are you content to allow 6,000 of 48,000
eligible voters to reelect the incumbent
or will you become informed, go to the
polls (or vote absentee) November 7
and elect a Mayor who will, with your
support, make significant course corrections
Albany requires in order for our City
and yourselves to survive what comes our

                                    Joseph P Sullivan
                                    For Albany Mayor
                                    Conservative  Row C
                                    November 7  6 am-9pm


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