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Friday, July 15, 2011


The CDTA bus route restructuring plan
 proposal is now on line:

Note that this proposal calls for
elimination of the current Number 4
bus route connecting the Buckingham
Pond neighborhood with mid and
downtown Albany. This route now
terminates at Ohav Shalom Senior

I have advocated keeping the Number 4 bus
route and expanding it to the Price Chopper
Plaza in Slingerlands.

This would allow residents of the Krum
Kill -Blessing Rd area of Slingerlands to
access mid and downtown Albany as well as
the  PC Plaza, as well as providing access for
Buckingham Pond area residents to access
the Price Chopper Plaza in Slingerlands.

I have further recommended that the
PC Plaza in Slingerlands become a transfer
point for the Numbers 4, 13, 18 and 19 bus


If residents of  the Blessing-Krum Kill Rd
and Buckingham Pond neighborhoods, as
well as riders from the Town of Bethlehem
and Voorheesville,  find my proposal has
merit, please indicate their support by 
clicking on the  CDTA on line input line
and saying so.

Keep in mind that gasoline prices continue
to increase, and gas may be rationed or not
available at any price when the Middle East
sources of oil are cut off.

Residents of the aforementioned neighbor-
hoods would have to rely on bus service to
commute to work and go food shopping.

My proposal provides residents of the
Blessing-Krumkill Rd neighborhoods in
Slingerlands, Ohav Shalom senior housing
and residents of the Buckingham Pond
(including Stonehenge apartments)
with a viable alternative, now and in the
event of a worst case scenario relating to
the price, rationing,and unavailabity
of gasoline.

                                             Joe Sullivan



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