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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


We continuously read and hear that
our local and state governments are
in deep debt, and ordinary citizens
are hard pressed financially.

Well then, why are tons of road salt
being dumped on local streets, county
and state highways and shopping center
parking lots?

Where are all the environmentalists
who wring their hands over global

Where are all the health care advocates?

Where are the economists?

Where are the media? The ordinary

Are all blind to the harm that this
excessive seasonal ritual of salt dumping
is doing to our transportation infra-
structure, our costly vehicles, our water
supplies, our homes and buildings, the
air we breath, to roadside trees, and
to our own health?

There is more salt residue on roadways
sidewalks, driveways, parking lots than

I know, some will argue that road salt
contributes to road and pedestrian
safety. To some degree, yes.

What about states that do not participate
in this seasonal road salt dumping mania?

How do people in those states survive?

How about New York drivers  slowing
down in bad weather?

I say that the evironmental damage
economic costs and health impacts of
these annual road salt dumping binges
far outweigh any benefit.

For days Albany has been submerged
in a dense blanket of airborne road salt.

Doesn't anyone feel the sting of that
salt smog, in their nasal passages, throats
and lungs?

Doesn't anyone notice the deterioration
of road surfaces, bridges, and parking lots
due to excessive salt dumping?

Doesn't anyone look at the dying road
side trees?

Doesn't anyone look at their vehicles
and tires and wonder how long those
vehicles will last, and where will they
get the money to replace them?

Do any health care professionals observe
the smog containing a mix of airborne
road salt , vehicle  and chimney emissions
and ponder the adverse impacts to human

How about vetinarians? Don't they
wonder about the adverse effects on
pets? On farm animals?

Consider this: if people with high
blood pressure are advised to limit
their salt intake - does this mean they
should stop breathing?

If it were sugar, instead of road salt
dumped - would we have an out of
control epidemic of diabetes among
humans and pets?

Exercise? Going outdoors, this time
of year, poses  downright health risks
to people and their pets, in urban

Tonight, I drove my dogs to places
where they could run in the snow
avoiding the excessive road salt dumped
on streets and sidewalks.

But, we could not avoid breathing the
salt- vehicle-chimney emission laden

As I stood on my front porch, I could
hear a man gagging and coughing about
a half a block away. Finally, he came
into view, walking his loyal dog out of
a side street and across New Scotland

I wanted to call out to him and say
be sure to wash your pal's paws in warm
water, when you get home. Otherwise,
your pal runs the risk of kidney damage
from licking his salt encrustred paws.

But, I said nothing, thinking of Charles
Darwin and his theory of survival of the

Modern humans have lost their  survival
instincts and powers of observation and

Saving the world is a tall order. A
Chinese proverb says- a long journey
begins with a single step- so, saving the
world begins with each individual
doing their best to save themselves
and their loved ones.

As much as big government seeks to
control every aspect of our lives, do
not look to politicians to save you.
They just don't get it.

The exessive dumping of road, with
all it's adverse environmental, economic
and health impacts is exhibit A.

You are on your own. Just pay your
taxes and vote the party line.

                                     Joe Sullivan



Burglars, thieves, muggers and vandals
are on the prowl in and around our hood.

Neighborhood residents must assume
primary responsibility for sending a
clear signal that our hood is off limits to

Be observant. Look out your doors and
windows often, both day and night. Know
who lives on your block. Watch for drifters
who case the neighborhood, on foot, bike
and by car/truck, particularly on garbage
pick up night. Know who belongs in the
hood and who does not.

When driving, walking, jogging carry
your cell phone keyed into the APD Center
Station:  458 5660 and Anti-Terror
Hotline: 1 866 SAFE NYS (723-3697)

When you see something that is not right
call the APD Center Station  458 5660
and/or the Anti-Terror Hotline.

Burglaries have been occurring along
Whitehall Rd, since Dec 2.  Forced entries
through windows/doors. Jewelry targeted.
Afternoons mostly.

Middle school inmates and section 8
apartment dwellers likely perps working
with adults.

Adults use smaller, more slightly built
individuals to gain access through
windows, particularly basement windows.

If you are at work or away during the
day, have a senior neighbors keep watch
on your house/block. Instruct  them
on what to look for and what to do.

Much crime goes unreported. Recently
in broad daylight, a man went in to his
house, leaving his expensive mountain
bike in the side yard. When he came
out the bike was gone.

A senior neighborhood had observed
two perps case the bike and take off
with it. She did not call the man to
alert him so the theft might be averted
nor did she call the APD with a
description of the perps, immediately
after the theft. Had she, the perps would
likely have been apprehended, if the
APD responded promptly.

Two houses are for sale down the
block where 3 individuals, one white
two black, knocked an elderly man
to the ground, robbing him. Again
in daylight, on a busy street.

Remember, several years ago, all
neighborhood residents were drafted
into our neighborhood watch. This
neighborhood watch, like our Association
works when you do. Do your part!

                                    Joe Sullivan


Friday, December 03, 2010


NA Presidents and addressees, In the past few weeks we have had several incidents of burglary occur in and around the Pine Hills area (see attached press release and Map). Please look at your windows and doors and be sure they are secured properly. We are asking that even if they don’t appear to be occurring in your area, you follow the below listed Burglary prevention tips and read the attached flyer. In addition we would appreciate you helping us get the word out to your neighbors. Please remind them “If You See Something, Say Something” call 518-438-4000 Non-Emergency to report suspicious activity and 911 for Emergencies. We are still offering home and business security surveys. Please take advantage of this service and call or email our office 518-458-5668 (Janet) jparker@albany-ny.org or 518-458-5669 (Rick) rromand@albany-ny.org to set up an appointment. Thank you, Rick

· All exterior doors should be either metal or solid wood.
· For added security, use strong door hinges on the inside of the door, with non-removable or hidden pins.
· Every entry door should be well lighted and have a wide angle door viewer so you can see who is outside without opening the door.

· Strong, reliable locks are essential to effective home security.
· Always keep doors and windows locked. Even a five minute trip to the store is long enough for a burglar to enter your home.
· Use quality keyed knobs as well as deadbolt locks. Deadbolts can withstand the twisting, turning, prying and pounding that regular keyed knobs can’t.
· When choosing a deadbolt , look for such features a s a bolt that extends at least one inch when in the locked position, to resist ramming and kicking; hardened steel inserts to prevent the bolt from being sawed off and a reinforced strike plate with extra long mounting screws to anchor the lock effectively .
· Use security glazing or plexy style glass to cover glass panels that are within 40 inches of a lock. This will keep burglars from breaking the glass to reach the inside of a door lock.

· Sliding glass doors can offer easy entry into your home . Improve security by :
· Install a keyed locking device that secure the door to the frame ..

· Ad just the track clearances on the doors so the y can’ t be pushed out of their tracks .
· Put a piece of wood or a metal bar in the track of the closed door to prevent the door from opening even if the lock is jimmied or removed.

· Most standard double -hung windows have thumb- turn locks between the two window pane l s . Don’ t rely on these they can be pried open or easily reached through a broke pane .
· Install keyed locking devices to prevent the window from being raised from the outside , but keep the key near by in case of an emergency.
· Pin your windows . Drill an angled hole through the top frame of the lower window partially into the frame of the upper window. Then insert a nail or eye bolt . The window can’ t be opened until you remove the nail . Make a second set of holes with the window partly opened so you can have ventilation without intruders.


· In door lighting gives the appearance that a home is occupied. Use timers to turn lights on and off at preset times .
· Use outdoor lighting to eliminate hiding places . Install lighting near all entrance ways to your home .
· Install dusk to dawn sensors to eliminate forgetting to turn on lights .
· Use motion sensor lighting in dark areas around home .

Police Officer Rick Romand
Community Services Unit
District 1 536 Western Ave. Albany NY 12203
Police - The Official Site of the City of Albany, NY

Unconfirmed  knockdown robbery of
elderly man
New Scotland Ave, opposite Mobil Station
at Krum Kill
by  3 individuals, one white
two black - last week.

Be Alert!

                                       Joe Sullivan