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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Burglars, thieves, muggers and vandals
are on the prowl in and around our hood.

Neighborhood residents must assume
primary responsibility for sending a
clear signal that our hood is off limits to

Be observant. Look out your doors and
windows often, both day and night. Know
who lives on your block. Watch for drifters
who case the neighborhood, on foot, bike
and by car/truck, particularly on garbage
pick up night. Know who belongs in the
hood and who does not.

When driving, walking, jogging carry
your cell phone keyed into the APD Center
Station:  458 5660 and Anti-Terror
Hotline: 1 866 SAFE NYS (723-3697)

When you see something that is not right
call the APD Center Station  458 5660
and/or the Anti-Terror Hotline.

Burglaries have been occurring along
Whitehall Rd, since Dec 2.  Forced entries
through windows/doors. Jewelry targeted.
Afternoons mostly.

Middle school inmates and section 8
apartment dwellers likely perps working
with adults.

Adults use smaller, more slightly built
individuals to gain access through
windows, particularly basement windows.

If you are at work or away during the
day, have a senior neighbors keep watch
on your house/block. Instruct  them
on what to look for and what to do.

Much crime goes unreported. Recently
in broad daylight, a man went in to his
house, leaving his expensive mountain
bike in the side yard. When he came
out the bike was gone.

A senior neighborhood had observed
two perps case the bike and take off
with it. She did not call the man to
alert him so the theft might be averted
nor did she call the APD with a
description of the perps, immediately
after the theft. Had she, the perps would
likely have been apprehended, if the
APD responded promptly.

Two houses are for sale down the
block where 3 individuals, one white
two black, knocked an elderly man
to the ground, robbing him. Again
in daylight, on a busy street.

Remember, several years ago, all
neighborhood residents were drafted
into our neighborhood watch. This
neighborhood watch, like our Association
works when you do. Do your part!

                                    Joe Sullivan



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