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Friday, October 31, 2014


A nice Autumn day. Paddy, Mick
and me took a walk around the
Buckingham Pond Park.

Posters announce a Fall park
clean up sponsored by the
Buckingham Pond Conservancy
scheduled for 1-3 pm Sunday
November 2.

Election Day is November 4
One of the founders of the
Conservancy is a candidate
for the Albany City School

Election to the school board
is a step toward running for
elective office in the city/county.

It is nice that neighbors volunteer
their time to do park clean ups
in the Spring and Fall.

However, what has the City of
Albany done, or not done, to
improve the park?

The park was created in 1994
when the BPCNA had the pond
and adjacent shoreline rezoned
Land Conservation (LC-park

The BPCNA lobbied to have
Jack and Carl back as summer
employees to maintain the park.
As usual they did a fine job.

But, here we are a few days
before election day.  What has
the City done to make needed
improvements to the pond and

Here is what Paddy, Mick and
me observed as we toured the

South side from Lenox to Milner

erosion of pathways at park
entrances: Euclid and Holmes Dale.

Coarse gravel, not bluestone flour
is the remedy. The bluestone flour
compacts and becomes slippery
when wet or icy.  Think slip and
fall lawsuit(s).

* no guard rail has been installed
at the foot of Lenox to prevent a
speeding, out of control vehicle
from dropping down on pedestrians
joggers and pets on the foot path
below. Big liability lawsuit.

Take a look at the severely bent
guard rail at the foot of Euclid
which has protected those on
the footpath below from a similar

* dead tree limbs/trees overhang
the footpath from Euclid to Lenox.

Some windy day we will learn of
an injury, or likely fatality occurring
and a large liability lawsuit filed
against the City for negligence.
City taxpayers stuck for the tab.

* invasive knot weed has not been
eradicated. It will rapidly spread
throughout the park and to 
adjacent residential properties
if not dealt with now.

* vines strangling many trees
particularly young replacement

* yard wastes dumped by residents 
along Rafts Way between Holmes
Dale and Colonial. 

*graffiti on the verizon equipment

Milner footpath and Davis Ave
holding pond

* vandalized nylon lines on the'
foot bridge.

* erosion of the path at the 
.Berkshire entrance.

* algae bloom in the holding
pond which flows into the
larger park pond.

This will winter over under
the ice, as occurred in both
water bodies.

* dead limbs/trees overhang
the paths bordering the holding

The North side of the park is
in better shape, due to the efforts
of Jack and Carl.

Litter was observed around
the parking area.

The water fountain was removed.

The East End of the pond has some
algae bloom remaining.

The Conservancy has obtained 
an $8,000 grant to their credit.

Rather than spending the grant
on a water quality study, use
the money to improve the park.

The water quality problem
exists because we have a shallow
pond with considerable run off
lawn chemicals from the homes
and apartments' and road salt
applied by the City, in the pond

Algae blooms result when sunlight
interacts with nutrients in the
shallow pond.

Shoreline erosion needs to be
addressed because the pond is
filling in. The answer lies in
planting more Willows, Red
Osier Dogwoods and other
plants to reduce shore slumping
and erosion.

Observe the guard rail and posts
East end of the pond are leaning
in toward the pond.

The road around that end of the
pond will eventually wind up
in the pond, unless steps are
taken to address the geomorphic
process of soil creep/slumping
occurring there.

The pathway is extremely wet
and slippery. Apply coarse gravel.

These observations are not new.
Search this website for numerous
similar posts relating to the pond

No need to waste money on a
consultant. The problems, causes
and remedies are there.

All the Conservancy and City
need do, is do what is needed.

Need labor?  Involve county
jail inmates and  students from
local schools/colleges.

The pond park is the centerpiece
of our neighborhood. We pay
high property taxes, and will
be paying even more with the
coming reassessment included
in the City budget- should it
become law.

So, as election day nears
and you dutifully go to the polls
to vote the party line, does it
cross your mind to ask- " are
my vote, and the property
taxes I pay, to support City
government and schools, taken
for granted?"

                      Joe Sullivan

Thursday, October 23, 2014

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Thursday, October 23, 2014


After viewing the one and only
televised debate ( WMHT)between 
Governor Cuomo and Rob
Astorino, it is easy to conclude
why Governor Cuomo has avoided
any additional debates statewide
and why he wanted to have minor
party candidates present rather
than do a one on one with Astorino.

This is America. English is our
language, Rob. No espanol. Si?

Does anyone have a translation
of what Astorino said in Spanish
at end of his closing statement?

If Spanish speakers were viewing
the debate, is it not plausible that
they can understand English? 
If so, why pander?

America. One language. One

We are all proud of our roots.
Whatever our origins, we are
Americans now.

Aren't we?

United we stand, divided we fall.

As a property taxpayer in the
Capitol City of Albany, I am
waiting to see which gubernatorial
candidate will pledge, before
November 4,  to deliver
the 11.5 million annual PILOTS
(payment in lieu of taxes) from
the State for Harriman State
Office Campus. 

Albany could be the swing vote
in a tight election, contrary to the
polls which are directed by
Democratic hacks and parroted
by the media without analysis.

The Capitol City of Albany
is on the verge of becoming
Detroit on the Hudson.

If local Democratic officeholders
won't press the issue, the voters
of Albany will on November 4. 

The party of Dan O Connell is
no more. We are on on own!

                          Joe Sullivan


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             Joe Sullivan


Tuesday, October 21, 2014


The Albany Common Council
approved placing red light traffic
cameras at 20 intersections in
the city.

What about the rampant speeding
running red lights and stop signs
passing on the right in curb parking
lanes and numerous other traffic law
violations occurring everywhere
else in the city, every hour of every

What about collecting the alleged
millions of uncollected parking fine
dollars that allegedly went uncollected
during the Mayor's tenure as City
Treasurer - last year?

The answer to all the traffic law
mania in the city includes:

* driver's exercising self control
 and practicing defensive driving

* the Mayor (or Common Council
Council issuing a proclamation or
resolution that all vehicle and traffic
laws will be strictly enforced in the
City of Albany, then directing the
Albany Police to enforce it.

Rescind Common Council approval
of the red light camera boondoggle!

                               Joe Sullivan

Friday, October 17, 2014


Public safety and security is
a priority in the City of Albany
in light of terrorism threats and
the likelihood that the Port of
Albany and oil trains are prime

Balance Albany city budget and
provide real property tax relief 
to Albany homeowners/small
businesses by demanding that
the Governor and State Legislature
agree to making the annual
$11.5 million annual PILOTS
(payments in lieu of taxes) to
the City of Albany for the
Harriman State Office Campus
before the November 4 election.

The Mayor and Common Council
must stop going to the state hat in
hand begging for crumbs.

CSEA, PEF and state workers
need to support this demand as
well as voter residents of the City
and County of Albany. County
Executive and County Legislators.

No PILOT agreement by November
4 - no votes!  

For incumbents seeking reelection
to Congress, Governor, and State 
Legislature November 4, 2014!

                             Joe Sullivan

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Mayor Sheehan will
present an overview
of her proposed city

5 PM today, Bach

A 40 minute presentation
followed by opportunities
for neighborhood residents
to ask questions and make

                  Joe Sullivan