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Saturday, August 28, 2010


Took Mick and Paddy around
the pond park this morning.

Disgraceful! Piles of dog poop
along the paths, particularly
the wooded section between
Eucild and Holmes Dale, and
Rafts Way - South side.

Who is responsible?  More and
more people are parking in
the traffic semi circle foot of
Colonial, North side, and walking
their dogs around the pond paths.

Offenders should be caught and
sentenced to labor in the pond
park - cleaning up dog poop,
cutting brush and vines, picking
up litter, planting trees, flowering
shrubs and more.

Maybe time has come to eliminate
parking at pond park because
outsiders are coming in and trashing
our park?

                                 Joe Sullivan


Monday, August 09, 2010


No more old grey Shoup voting machines.

No more voting Row A all the way.

Correction: new paper ballot arranged
to provide for partyline voting, contrary
to example of paper ballot appearing on
pdf link on site below.

Easy to do a write in vote for any office.

Correction, write in will have to be crammed
in to a small box at bottom of columns. Overwrite
into adjoining boxes and your votes in those
columns will be void.

But, there will be a lot of confusion at
the polls, plus long lines and waits -unless
you familiarize yourself with the new voting
machines and procedures involved in voting.

Go to:

Attend Demonstrations at the New Scotland
Ave Library

Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Weekdays: 4- 8 pm    Saturdays: 1-4 pm

August 16, 18 and 21.

                                                  Joe Sullivan

Sunday, August 08, 2010


Enjoy the waning days of summer, but
cast a wary eye and ear toward the
political landscape.

The survival of America, you and your
loved ones are on the line in the 2010

You may dislike this or deny it, but
this is reality.

Only an informed electorate, voting
in huge numbers can save America
and us.

Go to: http://lonerangeralbany.blogspot.com/

                                       Joe Sullivan


Margaret, Mick, Paddy and me went for
a walk around the pond this morning.

A lovely late summers day under the
spell of a Canadian air mass.

The Red Dogwoods planted in the dry
shady area at the foot of Lenox, south
side, appear to be surviving.

They would be better sited on the
shore of the footpath where they
would help stabilize bank erosion.

The vines are still uncut, strangling
the trees along the wooded path from
Lenox to Holmes Dale.

Willow plantings should be made to
beutify the pond park and help stem
shore/bank erosion/collapse.

A young willow on the Milner Ave
footpath is being strangled by vines.

Flowers have been ripped off from
the flower pot.

Flowers planted earlier in the year
by the children's play area are
dying of thirst in the dry raised
compost beds.

The two Hemlocks along Rafts way
are suffering from lack of cutting
the brush which is choking them.

Nevertheless, the pond park looks
good along Berkshire, and is
pleasant place for a stroll or jog.

Many neighbors were out and about.

                                    Joe Sullivan