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Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Thanks to WAMC Radio for
this report.

There is much more to what
is presented as a charitable

The agenda to fundamentally
transform America has come
down to every single family
residential zoned neighborhood
in the City of Albany and
the Towns of Albany County.

Family Promise is already in 
Albany where homeless are.

Who are these homeless?
From where do they come? 

Are they, will they be ,the
illegal aliens  that the
President aims to distribute
everywhere, if  Congress
fails to block his unlawful
executive amnesty order?

Why put them in this hood?

Answer-this is all part of
the HUD take over of local
zoning to socially engineer
the demographic, income
characteristics of  urban
and suburban neighborhoods.
(Read sources in prior post
this website)

Building high rise, subsidized
low income housing in this
and similar hoods is next.

The motive behind this
grand HUD scheme is
political control.

Dependent populations
who live in assisted housing
will vote for the party that
places them there.

Our single family residential
zoned neighborhood pays
the lion's share of the property
taxes that support city schools
and city services that 
enable dependent populations
to enjoy living in Albany.

Approval of  the Family Promise
Application will result in-

More flight from our hood
devaluation of the homes
of those who stay, higher
property taxes  for them
and a  negative impact on support
for city schools/city government

Albany will be on the fast
track for becoming Detroit
on the Hudson.

There will be no winners
only losers.

The Family Promise
Application to bring
and serve homeless at
Bethany, Mater Christi 
and St Sophia's will
have a negative domino
effect on neighborhood
residential integrity
life quality and home
values in our neighborhood

which in turn will further
erode the city property

which will negatively 
impact funding for city
schools/city and county
government services

and the demise of the
very churches which
would host the Family
Promise program

Charity begins at home.

The Family Promise 

                       Joe Sullivan


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