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Saturday, February 21, 2015


Every night the brilliant light
of the dual billboard in front
of Bethany Reformed Church
760 New Scotland Avenue
Albany has lit up the darkness
for several years.

Friday night and Saturday
morning the brightly lit
billboard was dark.

Is this to conceal the Notice
posted on the Bethany
Billboard that the church
is hosting a meeting 5:30 pm
Monday, February 23 to
promote it's partnership
with Family Promise of
the Capital District? 

Sure the billboard can be seen
in the light of day, but rarely
noticed from cars speeding by
on New Scotland Ave.

No doubt this is a promo
event that will be stacked
with supporters of the
City administration and
others,  who tried to sneak
the Family Promise plan
to house homeless in
neighborhood churches
throught the City BZA
at their Feb 11 meeting, 5:30

Only a few neighbors received
Notice of the meeting in the
afternoon mail that day, four
hours before the meeting.

Most likely never got home
from work and opened their
mail, after supper, after said
BZA meeting was history.

Your neighborhood
association sounded the alert
and demanded the BZA
table and withdraw the
Family Promise Application
from the BZA agenda that

This was done. However
the City and participating
religious institutions are not
about to give up on this grand
scheme which  will transform
our neighborhood.

Why? Too much money in
the form of generous HUD
block and other grants which
are needed to keep a cash hungry
city government and dying
churches fiscally afloat.

The Monday, Feb 23, 5:30 pm
meeting will be stacked with
supporters of this plan which
is part of the grand  agenda
transform America, right 
down to your neighborhood
and block,

You can keep your neighborhood
residential integrity and quality
of life, your home and your property
taxes won't increase a dime.

That is the  hollow promise of
those behind the Family Promise

Sound vaguely familiar like
the promises made to push
Obamacare? How did that
work out for you?

You can expect that the
stacked meeting will have
media coverage, aimed a
setting the stage for approval
of the Fmily Promise Application
March 11, 2015 BZA hearing
5:30 PM at City Hall.

Demand that  the BZA
hold the hearing here 
the neighborhood a
Mater Christi or St Sophia's
which have larger spaces
to provide for maximum
participation of concerned
residents  of the Buckingham
Pond Crestwood, and adjacent
single family zoned residential
neighborhoods - at a date and
time in March or April that
will afford the opportunity for
all concerned to voice their

Family Promise promises
to fundamentally transform
your neighborhood residential
integrity and quality of life.

Your local zoning will be
overridden by HUD which
will build subsidized low
income (high rise) housing
in your hood as part of the
stated plan to socially engineer
the socioeconomic and political
character of this and every 
neighborhood in every City
and Town in Albany County.

That is the family Promise.

Unintended consequences
will be the destruction of
the City property tax base
which will negatively impact
support for city schools and
city government services.

People will flee the city and
Albany will become Detroit
on the Hudson.

Make your voices heard
loud and clear now, before
you join the ranks of the 

Demand that the Family
Promise Application be

                    Joe Sullivan


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