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Thursday, June 25, 2009


Several years ago, we had some crime problems
in our neighborhood, most notably daylight
muggings of shoppers at the Crestwood Plaza.

Your neighborhood association worked with
the APD to break a ring that was preying on
our residents and state workers downtown.

Notice was served that all neighborhood
residents were drafted for our neighborhood

Residents were advised to get up from their
tv's, look outside , keep an eye on their
immediate blocks, and report any suspicious
actors or activities to the APD and/or state
anti-terror hotline.

Those numbers, once again:

APD Center Square Station 458 5660

Anti-Terror Hotline: 1-866 SAFE NYS

Keep these numbers by your telephone.

When you are out and about, driving
taking a stroll, walking the dog, biking
or jogging...carry your cell phone with
the above numbers keyed in. Use it
when situations require.

The recent TU story only highlights that
our neighborhood has scant police
presence, making us vulnerable to
daylight home break ins, and after dark
vandalism, thefts, robberies and assaults.

The perps know this. They can be seen
scouting our hood...if you will only observe.
And act when you see them.

As you have read many times, on this site

We are on our own when it comes to public
safety and emergency/disaster preparedness.

We are the eyes and ears of the APD. Contact
them as necessary.

The APD must have a more effective presence
in our neighborhood to deter criminal activity
and to control traffic flows/speeds on our
residential streets.

Such a police presence is essential to
maintaining and improving the residential
integrity and quality of life in this, and other
city neighborhoods Uptown.

If uptown goes down, so will the City of Albany.

Joe Sullivan



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