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Sunday, May 24, 2009


On Memorial Day, we honor veterans, living
and dead, who have served to defend
America and our way of life.

We also honor those men and women, in
uniform today, who are now defending
America and our way of life.

We are at war, today, with an enemy that
does not wear uniforms or engage in
conventional military tactics.

This enemy has made war on each and every

Accordingly, each and every American is
a combatant in this war, whether or not
we realize it, or like it.

The Home front has become the front line
in this war. Our individual and collective
survival is on the line.

It follows that each American has an
obligation to understand the nature of
this war and to realize that each has a
duty to remain alert, observant and
actively defend America from the foreign
enemies, and their domestic recruits.

We are no longer protected from attack
by the vast Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

Our immigration policies, and failure
to protect our borders and ports, has
resulted in tens of millions of illegal aliens
literally invading America.

Among these tens of millions of illegal
aliens, as well as legal immigrants, are
an untold number who are the foot soldiers
of the foreign terrorists sworn to our

These enemies dwell among us, and ,are
actively recruiting native born malcontents
as their allies, in this mission to destroy
America...our way of life...and our
Constitutional form of government.

For the past 8 years, America has been
spared an attack subsequent to the 9-11
2001 attack.

However, failure of the federal government
to restrict legal immigration, and failure to
deal with the overriding security risk posed
by tens of millions of illegal aliens in our land
places America ,and every American, in great

Worse still, the policies, behaviors and actions
of political administrations at the federal, state
and local levels, regarding illegal aliens, greatly
increase that danger.

The probability of coming coordinated,
systematic terror attacks in America is very real.
It is simply a question of when, where and how?

As the media, politicians and people think and
behave as usual, a close observer of the current
scene can only wonder if America and
Memorial Day will exist in 2010 and beyond?

All one can do, is say a little prayer for those who
have given their lives, those that have served
and those who serve today, that we may live
in freedom.

One more prayer...for each of us, that we will
rise to the challenge of defending America, and
ourselves from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Joe Sullivan


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