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Friday, May 29, 2009


Strollers in Buckingham Pond Park
must wonder is this an election year?

Sure the City has been treating the
pond with copper sulfate to alleviate
the pond water quality problems.

However, water quality will continue
to be a problem until action is taken
to stabilize shoreline erosion and to
reduce the run off from excessive use
of lawn chemicals, fertilizers and road
salt on lawns and streets in the pond

Pond pathways are in bad shape, in
particular when wet and slippery.

The southern and western parts of
the park are overgrown with grass
and weeds. Leaf debris borders the
path between Lenox and Holmes Dale.

These conditions harbor ticks, which
pose a real health hazard to humans
and pets, who bring them home to
their yards and houses, where they
can multiply.

Remember, one female tick can have
a thousand offsprings.

See numerous previous posts, this
blog, for specific identification of
problems, proposed solutions and
action required to make Buckingham
Pond Park a class A park.

Isn't it ironic that, Uptown, we pay the
lions share of the property taxes that
support city schools and city government
as well as services like police and fire, and
we get so little in return?

Uptown also is where the largest votes
come out in primaries and general

Are your votes so much a lock?

Ponder this when people come scratching
at your door, June 9, and the rest of June
seeking your signatures on designating
petitions to qualify as candidates for city
wide and ward offices in the September
15 Democratic Primary.

Before you sign, you might ask what have
they done, and what they say they will
do for you and your neighborhood?

This goes for parishioners of St. Teresa's
who live in the 9th and 8th wards, as well.

Why is there no effort on the part of
elected officials to convince the RC Diocese
of Albany, that closing St. Teresa's Church
and school, is a bad move? Reverse it!

Blight, crime and neighborhood decline in
the 7th,9th, 8th and 14th Wards are sure
to follow.

As Park South urban renewal proceeds
urban blight and crime move up
New Scotland Ave.

Before you sign a designating petition
ask what that candidate has done for
you, not what can you do for that

Your signatures and votes are your
voice for maintaining and improving
the residential integrity and quality
of life in this, and adjacent neighbor-

Joe Sullivan



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