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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

BILL A8501/S5661

This bill is working it's way through both houses.

Speaker Silver, Minority Leader Kolb
Senate Majority Leader Smith
Senators Stewart-Cousins, and Little,

Respectfully request that you amend S8501/S5661
to include school districts in small cities, Albany
in particular.

City schools should be consolidated with city
governments, making the Mayors and
City Councils responsible and accountable for the
operation and performance of city schools.

Create one property tax roll for the support of
city schools and city governments.

Return to K-8 neighborhood schools, which are
best for kids, parents and neighborhoods.

Albany is a special case where a large portion
of land is off the property tax roll because
of state government and the large number of
other tax exempt institutions located here.

Only about 1/3 of Albany's residential units
are owner- occupied...primarily by an aging
population having declining or fixed incomes.

More than 2/3 of the city school population
comes from homes that do not pay property
taxes to support the city schools.

Albany is losing population. Ever increasing
school property taxes are a major factor, as
well as dysfunction in the city school system.

Please provide Albany residents with the
option to consolidate the city schools with
city government, by amending this legislation
to include school districts in small cities.

Such action is critical to the future of Albany
and all who call Albany home.

Refer to posts on my blog:
posts: Archives April 9, and March 4, 2009.

Thank you.

Joseph P Sullivan

Democratic Candidate
Albany Common Council President
(518) 438 5230


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