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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Emergency/Disaster Preparedness

Today's Times Union has an American Red Cross insert.
Take particular note of pages 4 and 5 which contain
Get Ready/Be Safe information and tips.

We live in dangerous times and must take responsibility
for our individual and collective survival. Government
can't save us...we must save ourselves.

What can you do? Become informed and take action
to make sure your household is prepared for whatever
comes our way. Consult earlier posts in the archives
of this blog and also,
for links to emergency preparedness sources.

Once your household is secure. Turn your attention to your
block. Next, get your church, synagogue, school to prepare
to serve as an emergency center providing water, food,
shelter and heat for neighbors.

Volunteer to serve as a block captain to organize and
protect your block. Volunteer to organize your church
synagogue or school to prepare as an emergency center.
Volunteer to serve on our neighborhood Emergency/
Disaster Preparedness Committee, to develop a neighbor-
hood plan, hold public information meetings and provide
for coordination with AFD and APD for fire and police
security/ neighborhood participation
efforts in times of emergencies/disasters.

Currently, our neighborhood is operating under the Darwinian
principle of "survival of the fittest". We should move beyond
that to a coordinated neighborhood plan that will provide
for survival and security of residents.

Contact me: 438 5230

Joe Sullivan



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