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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Health Care is a big topic in political races this year. Most candidates favor some form of universal, single payer health care plan, like extending Medicare to cover all, Trouble is, Medicare won't even be able to cover current clients by 2017.

Health care begins at home. Individuals and households must assume personal responsibility for their own well being and health care. Eat the right foods, exercise, avoid health hazards as much as possible. Become informed. Read. Do not have children if you can not afford to provide for them. If you can't afford
health insurance, make every effort to stay healthy, from youth to old age.

Stop polluting the land, air and water with excessive use of lawn chemicals.

State and local governments must cut back excessive dumping of road salt on local highways, roads and streets, which creates the "White Death" phenomenon
described in earlier posts on this blog.

Local hospitals, so called "not for profits" are in reality big businesses, that are
undergoing muti-million dollar construction expansion, while walking a tightrope of fiscal solvency.

The Hospice program might have fewer clients if individuals, households, state and local governments, and the local hospitals examined their practices and changed some of their ways.

The expansion of local hospitals, situated in residential neighborhoods, has only
created more traffic and associated noise, litter, congestion, air pollution and a
general deterioration in the residential integrity and quality of life in this and other impacted residential neighborhoods.

Where is the park and ride program and where is the local housing program for
medical practioners and hospital, to get them and their gas guzzeling, polluting vehicles off neighborhood streets?

Is it wise planning to grow hospitals, bigger and upward, in the age of terrorism?

Why doesn't the City and St Peter's Hospital require that the dump trucks carrying
hospital excavation debris along Hackett Blvd and New Scotland/S Manning Blvd
residential streets, be required to meet air quality performance standards? Have
you noticed many of those trucks belching air polluting black diesel smoke into the air as they pass by. Take a deep breath...the black diesel will settle deep in your lungs. Not to worry. Hospice is just down the road.

Note die are the first 3 letters in diesel.

When is your next lawn treatment due? Every read the warnings on the chemicals that are applied?

As Pogo once said: "we have met the enemy and they are us".

J P Sullivan


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