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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Buckingham Pond Park traverse 12/3/08

The park is in decline.

Pathways need repair and application of gravel wet slippery

Split rail fences at Davis/Berkshire. Milner footpath, and
East end of pond need repair. Stones have been removed
from the retaining wall, East end.

Shore erosion is increasing around the pond and smaller
retaining pond. Water tolerant plantings of Red Osier
Dogwood, and similar plants are needed. The footpath
South Side Pond, Euclid to Lenox needs a bulkhead
constructed, with fill and plantings, before the path
disappears altogether. Recently, some trees were removed
from the small holding pond shore by the Milner footpath.
Some stones were placed to control erosion and a pipe
laid to under the foot path to divert flood water to the small
pond. Severe erosion of the foot path has occurred in
heavy rains. Note that the upper end of the drain pipe is
above grade, defeating the purpose of the pipe to drain
water and prevent path erosion. Also, the large tree
removed from the holding pond shore, was simply
pushed over to the edge of the woods and left there.
At least, it could be cut up and left as firewood for local

Litter and yard waste dumping are evident,particularly along
Rafts Way and Davis Ave sectors, as well as Berkshire from
Davis to Children's play area.

Dog droppings are left along sides of pathways more frequently.
Plastic bags containing dog droppings are left along paths or
tossed into wooded areas, including trees. Rafts way and path
from Holmes Dale to Lenox.

Vines and brush are strangling trees, particularly the wooded
sectors along the Southern and Western park boundaries.

More could be pointed out. You get the idea. Who is going to
do anything about these conditions? You are! Call the Mayor
at 434 5100 or call in on his Friday morning radio show, 1300
AM, 9-10 am (476 1300) and tell him.

In addition, you can volunteer to serve on the Park Committee
for Buckingham Pond/Shore and contribute to creation of a
park improvement/maintenance plan.

Contact me at 438 5230.

Joe Sullivan



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