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Monday, October 06, 2008

Recommendations for Buckingham Pond Park October 6, 2008

Based on a park traverse of October 3, 2008.

1. Add crushed stone/gravel to pathways whereever slippery/wet spots occur, particularly East End Pond, Rafts Way sectors and the sloping pathway at the
foot of Lenox, South side.

2. Trim vines from trees in wooded area bordering Davis Ave, wooded area
bordered by Rafts Way, and wooded path between Holmesdale and Euclid.

3. Clear brush and undergrowth from around young trees in Rafts Way woods
so that these trees may mature. Transplant 3 young hemlocks to more favorable
sites for growth.

4. Repair split rails, remove graffiti, clean and replant flower pots on the Milner
Ave pathway. Treat small holding pond, to left of path, to clear water.

5. Install a metal guard rail to protect the children's play area bordering Berkshire Blvd. The current wood post/rope set up does not protect children
and parents from out of control vehicles.

6. Relocate the waste barrel from the traffic semi circle, Berkshire at Colonial, to
the children's play area, to discourage drive-by trash dumpers.

7. Repair, refinish 4 wood tables in picnic grove to East of traffic semi circle.

8. Plant Red Osier Dogwoods and other water tolerant plants to stabililize shoreline erosion , particulary along the northern and eastern pond shores
and the path along the south shore from Euclid to Lenox.

9. Inventory wooded areas of park. Select viable young trees, including maples,
locusts, and others for transplanting to favorable sites within the park, where
those trees might mature.

10. Dumping of yard wastes is evident along Raft's Way and Davis Ave. Litter also.

11. Pond water quality can be improved by homeowners in the pond watershed reducing, and ideally eliminating, execessive applications of fertilizers and lawn
chemicals; and the city reducing or eliminating excessive dumping of road salt on
roads/streets within the pond watershed.

J P Sullivan



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