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Friday, October 09, 2009


Fall is here, with it wet, cool weather.

The green algae growth is dissapating.

Carl has done a fine job, filling in for
Jack, who is on the mend.

The City crew replaced the deteriorated
split rail fencing on the Milner Ave footpath
with posts strung with rope. Looks good
so far, but we will have to watch for vandals
who may cut and steal the rope.

City OGS did a nice job installing a sidewalk
curbing and a crosswalk leading to the
Southeast corner of the park, from Euclid

However, speeding traffic still presents a
hazard to pedestrians. Also, cars that run
the stop sign at the foot of Euclid hill. The
damaged guard rail has taken many a hit
from cars who have failed to negotiate the

Footpaths are wet and slippery this time
of year, particularly on the South and East
sides of the park.

The City did not resurface these paths with
coarse bluestone, as recommended. So, the
paths present a fall hazard to strollers
and joggers, who should take care to make
sure of their footing

The vines and brush strangling trees on
the South and West sides of the park were
not cut and cleared. Maybe, during the
Winter freeze, when the tick hazard is

Little has been done to deal with the
shoreline erosion problem, which is
a major contributor to the filling in of
the pond .

Planting water tolerant species of
bushes and trees, and bulkheading
severely eroded shore areas are
among the solutions.

The shore footpaths at the East and
Southeast parts of the park, are most
in need of these corrective actions

Algae blooms thrive in shallow waters
fed by run off of lawn chemicals and
road salt from within the surrounding
pond watershed.

These blooms will only increase until
homeowners, and Stonehenge Apartments
reduce their lawn chemical-fertilizer
practices, and the City reduces, or
eliminates road salt applications on roads
and streets that drain into the pond.

Drug dealers have appeared after dark
in the parking semi circle, foot of Colonial
North side of the park.

The police can't be there all the time. It
is up to residents of the apartments and
homes who have a view of the parking
lot, to keep watch and report suspicious
activities in the parking lot and adjacent
children's play and picnic areas, to the

Strollers and joggers should carry cell
phones keyed into to contact the police.

In sum, it is up to residents to maintain
the condition and safety of the park.

With limited resources and fiscal problems
we can not look to city government to do
more than the minimum maintenance of
the park for some time to come.

Nonetheless, the pond park remains a
a place to be enjoyed by strollers, pets
and joggers.

Yesterday, while walking with Mick
along the shore path, Southeast corner
of the park, we observed a Blue Heron
taking flight from the brush.

Neighborhood residents have more
immediate concerns, like paying their
rising property taxes, mortgages and
rents, keeping their jobs and staying
safe in an increasingly unstable and
dangerous world.

Emergency/Disaster preparedness
is our responsibility, particularly with
the approach of the long, cold winter.

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