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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Paddy stayed home to guard the house
while Mick took the first tour of the hood
with me.

Buckingham Pond Park is looking fine.
Carl , and the city crew, are keeping the
grass trimmed nicely.

The water level in the pond is high
after our rainy summer. Deeper water
means that the pond can handle the
lawn chemical run off from the adjacent
single family homes, and Stonehenge
Apartments- so there is less algae bloom.
Except fot the smaller holding pond
which is putrid.

Household garbage bags are beginning
to appear at the trash barrel in the
parking semi-circle at the foot of

There was considerable litter from the
cars that park on lower Colonial.
Apartment residents or visitors?

The guard rail at the foot of Euclid
hill, South side of pond, really took
a bashing from some vehicle. Wonder
what the vehicle looks like?

One of the organizers of the so called
Buckingham Pond Conservancy which
emerged on the scene, earlier this year
without any attempt to work through
and with ,the existing Buckingham Pond
Crestwood Neighborhood Association
has shown it's true colors -

Note the Ellis lawn sign corner of
Lenox at Cortland -

The other principal organizer of
the BPC lives in Stonehenge Apartments.

Both are leftist, who are using the
alleged Buckingham Pond Conservancy
as a front for their political agenda in
this neighborhood.

Too bad, because if improving
Buckingham Pond Park were their
true agenda - these downtown
transplants, would be working
with me, the Buckingham Pond
Neighborhood Association, and
supporting Mayor Jennings.

How else have the recent
improvements to the pond park
occurred? Duh?

Much more remains to be done
(see earlier posts this blog) and
will be done when I am elected
Member of Common Council
Ward 14.

Do not feed the ducks at the pond
park...and do not feed the this leftist
political group which is using the pond
park as a cover to advance their political

An Ellis lawn signs says it all.

Joe Sullivan



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