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Monday, August 17, 2009


We walk early in the mornings when
temperatures are coolest.

Mick and Paddy have shed some, but still
have thick coats. They like the Fall and Winter

The City OGS crew has removed the split
rail fence along the Milner Ave footpath
and are replacing it with a post and rope
system similar to that around the play
area on Berkshire.

The concern here is that vandals will
cut/steal the ropes. Residents who use
the pond park and nearby Stonehenge
Apartment dwellers will have to be

The OGS crew repaired and painted
the split rail fencing at Davis and Berkshire.

Carl and the summer crew have kept the
grass mowed well, including the wooded
path between Lenox-Holmes Dale, South

The pond water level is very high, and until
the recent heat wave, water quality has been
good. The smaller holding pond is putrid.

The grass at Greenway and along the
S Manning Median has been well mowed.
Also, the grass on the path between Kakely
and Euclid.

The City is installing a sidewalk on lower
Euclid, South side, and a crosswalk to
the pond park entrance by the old
large Cottonwood.

It appears from the chalk markings
that the sidewalk will partly occupy
part of the road way which is the right
lane for traffic going down the hill.
This could put pedestrians at risk
and create head on collision potentials
for speeding traffic which sweeps
around the bend on Berkshire and
up and down the Euclid hill.

The City has taken down the two
dead maples bordering the green space
New Scotland near S. Manning.

Recently the Mayor and several other
local officials held a news conference
at the Academy Post Office, opposite
St Peter's on New Scotland Ave.
I did my best to call attention to the
urban blight problems related to
apartments on S. Allen, Winnie St
Weis Rd-Hackett-Picotte.

Neither the politicians, nor media
took interest.

The media people said call a press
conference about the urban blight

Do we really have to govern by
press conferences during election
years? How about some preemptive
action before urban blight and crime
gain a larger foothold in our ward?

Section 8 clientele are being displaced
by the Park South Urban Renewal
project, and are moving up the
New Scotland Avenue corridor to
the 7th, 9th, 8th and 14th Wards.

With Section 8 comes blight and

We can not allow our neighborhood
and the city property tax base to
suffer decline because of this.

My opponent, the incumbent
Ward 14 Council Member, is Chair
of the Common Council Code
Enforcement Committee, and has
done nothing to combat the blight
that is appearing in the SE corner
of the Ward and in that part of
the Ward in the vicinity of the
Eagle Point School.

For that matter, his colleages
from the adjacent 8th and 9th
Wards have not dealt with this
issue either. Neither has a
primary, nor a General Election
opponent, so they are off the hook?

Nothing has been done to convince
the RC Diocese to keep St Teresa's
Church/School open.

Mr Sano, 9th Ward Councilman
is having a joint fundraiser with
my 14th Ward, incumbent opponent
At the Hibernian Hall, Ontario St
in coming days?

What good is money without a
message and concrete actions to
maintain and improve the
residential integrity and quality
of life in Wards 14 and 9?

Who will the contributors be?
Other citywide candidates? Slumlords?

Joe Sullivan


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