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Friday, October 02, 2009


The TU reports a tax hike for homeowners in the proposed
Albany City Budget.

The rationale for taxing homeowners more is that
the“relative value of the city’s commercial properties declined.”

So have home values!

The tax increase would amount to about “$69 more next year
for a house assessed at $150,000.”

Most homes in Ward 14 are assessed at two and three
times that amount.

What about subsequent years? Where is the sunset on this
extra tax? There is none! It is a tax that will keep on giving
year after year.

The TU story reports that “commercial property taxes
will decrease.”

If homeowners think this is bad, wait until the proposed
Albany School District tax hike is announced

Who are the 2 citywide school board candidates?
What do they have to say on these taxing matters?

Where is Joe Igoe? Loyal to the mayor, we know.
Looking out for his Ward 14 constituents, NO!

Ward 14 needs a leader, not a follower, like Joe Igoe.
If Joe Igoe were and independent, leader he would
say that the tax hike on homeowners is unacceptable.
He would sponsor a resolution in the Common
Council calling for adjustment of the Homestead tax
for residential properties.

He would sponsor a Resolution calling on Governor
Paterson to rescind his veto of PILOT payments from
the state for the Harriman Office Campus.

He would sponsor a Home Rule Resolution to
consolidate city schools with city government
establish ONE property tax roll to finance both
and return to K-8 neighborhood schools.

Were Igoe a leader, he would say the City has
to look elsewhere for monies to balance the city budget
and avoid increasing property taxeson homeowners
- like cancelling Alive at FiveConcerts,
– like eliminating winter skating atSwinburne Park
– like increasing assessed valueson properties of
absentee slum lords who are destroying city
neighborhoods and the cityproperty tax base, while
raking in lots of doughfrom their deteriorating
substandard dwellings.

Joe Igoe is Chair of the Common Council Code
Enforcement Committee and is allowing urban blight
slum lords, Section 8 housing and associated crime
to invade Ward 14.

Debate Joe Igoe? Forget about it! Just vote him out
of office on November 3rd.

Write me in for Common Council Ward 14.

I will provide the needed leadership!

Joe Sullivan
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