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Friday, May 01, 2009

SEPTEMBER 15, 2009

Democrats make up the overwhelming
majority of voters in the City of Albany.

It is coventional political wisdom that
whomever wins a Democratic Primary
wins that public office in November.

Our Neighborhood Association is home
to 2,800 Democrats.

Accordingly, The Buckingham Pond
Crestwood Neighborhood will play a
pivotol role in the Democratic Primaries
for citywide offices, including: Mayor
Treasurer, Common Council President
and election of Members of Common
Council from Wards 14 and 8.

Neighborhood residents are urged to
become as fully informed as possible
so that we help elect the best candidates
for each of the above offices.

Where can you get the necessary
information? (1) from the candidates
themselves, through their door to door
visits, literature and websites, (2) from
print media including: the Times Union
Metroland, and Capital District Business
Review, (3) from television news, including
channels, 6, 9, 10, 13 and 23, and (4) from
local radio news and talk shows, including
WROW (590 AM), WGY (810 AM)and
WDGJ (1300 AM).

The 2009 City primaries and November
election are of vital relevance to the futures
of the city and all who call Albany home.

Continue to read this site and

to become better and more fully informed.

Joe Sullivan


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