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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


See TU article:

Buckingham Pond Park and the City
Golf Course are loaded with ticks.
Also, the area around Hartman Rd
Community Garden.

When walking your pets in the park or
at the golf course, after hours, keep them
out of tall grass and leaves.

Check yourself and your pets carefully
after every outing.

Newborn ticks appear at this time of year.
They are about pin head size. Very small.
But, just like baby rattlesnakes, just as
dangerous as adults.

One female tick can have a 1,000 or more

Beware that you or your pets do not bring
ticks indoors. Your furniture and carpets
could become infested.

After a walk last night, spotted a tick or two
near my dogs' bedding. Washed their bedding
dried it in a hot dryer. Vacuumed floors and
rugs wherever, the dogs lay last night.

We routinely sweep/vacuum where dogs
sleep and air their bedding in the hot sun, or
the cold of winter. Their bedding is washed

This helps guard against tick and flea infestations.

We do not use Front Line or other pesticides.
But do apply Avon Skin So Soft. Sage and
Rosemary also, help discourage mosquitoes
in season, to guard agist Heart Worm.

Our dogs do get blood tests for Lyme and
Heart Worm, get Lyme booster shots and
are given Intercepter tablets, once a month
during the warm season, to guard against
Heart Worm. Intercepter because, they are
Collie dogs, who can suffer fatality from
Heart Guard.

The TU also had a good article several days
ago, about pet first aid kits and providing
for your pets in a disaster/emergency.

Joe Sullivan

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