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Thursday, August 16, 2007

QUANTUM BIG BOX HOUSING , Whitehall at New Scotland, is a big
gamble by the Mayor. To reduce the risk that this project turns out to be
a disaster for this neighborhood and the city property base, it is vital that
the Mayor insist that:

1. the construction materials and workmanship be of the highest quality

2. a substantial berm be constructed to buffer the housing units from
noise, glare of vehicle lights and air pollution. This is particularly
vital because a third Thruway lane is soon to be added, adjacent to
the housing site. The berm must be substantial, planted with mature
Austrian Pines and Red Oaks which are tolerant of road salt and air
pollution from the adjacent Thruway. A little ridge of sand, planted
with designer trees will not do.

3. the traffic/accident potential of vehicles entering and leaving busy
New Scotland Ave and Whitehall Rd must be fully evaluated and
properly mitigated. Both of these routes experience heavy rush
hour traffic flows, morig and evening.

4. the 3/4 acre pocket park, at the derelict gas station corner, must be
done right. Simply razing the drelict building and seeding the site
is not enough. The parcel must be deeded to the City as park land,
the derelict building razed, contaminated surface soil removed,
clean fill brought in to create a rolling berm, planted with a mix of
conifers, hardwoods and flowering bushes, such as lilacs,
burning bushes, etc. The trees planted must be tolerant of poor
air quality and road salt.

5. a performance bond should be required of the developer, with
the stipulation that the developer will not seek relief by looking
to Section 8 housing alternatives, should the developer's big
box housing not sell as hoped for.

One only has to look at the Buckingham Mews expansion bordering
Friebel Rd, as exhibit A, why the City of Albany needs to greatly
increase it's requirements, standards and oversight of proposed
housing developments.

J P Sullivan


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