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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Albany is the Capitol of New York State. The future of this city, and those who call Albany home, depends on having a Class A city school system.
Albany voters defeated a 189.5 million dollar proposed city school budget containing another 7 percent property tax increase, on Tuesday, May 15, ONE DAY after Governor Spitzer and Democratic politicians who control the State Assembly, State Senate Minority and Albany City and County governments staged a rally on the East steps of the Capitol, endorsing U.S. Senator, Hillary Clinton, Democrat, for President of the United States in the February 2008 Primary and November General Election.
Unlike, Barack Obama, state and local Democrats, had a tough time getting together several hundred people to give the appearances of support for Hillary. The small crowd was herded together so that tv and photo shots would accentuate that appearance. Most of the crowd was made up of State Democratic officeholders and State Legislative staff, local Democratic officeholders and their staffs, and about 400 school children, mostly from the suburbs.
What has this to do with the voters defeating the Albany City school budget one day later? Those seeking votes should act on behalf of, and to benefit those from whom they seek votes...the politicians should EARN and MERIT those votes.
In this case, take immediate, decisive action to fix the failing Albany City Schools.
Governor Spitzer, Senator Hillary Clinton, and State Assembly Speaker Silver should use their considerable political clout to fix the failing Albany City school system, by promoting, and passing into law, this session, a Governor's Program Bill that provides for the following:
1. Dissolution of the Albany City School Superintendent position ,Albany City School Board, Albany City School District and merger of the District with Albany City government.
2. The Office of the Mayor of Albany, shall be responsible and accountable for the administration and operation of the Albany City Public Schools.
3. Creation of one city property tax roll to finance city government, including the city schools.
4. Return to a K-8 City Neighborhood School System which is best for kids, parents and neighborhoods.
Governor Spitzer , the New York State Legislature , and Presidential candidate U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton, have the power and responsibility to make this happen, this session.
J P Sullivan, Albany


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