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Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday, August 10, 2007
11:13:17 PM EDT

ARE YOU READY FOR THE WORST? It is winter, a heavy snow has fallen, the temperatures have plunged to below zero.

There is no heat, no power, no natural gas, no fuel, no water , no sewage disposal, no garbage pick up, because the power lines, natural gas lines, water system and sewer plant have been blown up.

A dirty bomb, hidden in a container at the Port of Albany goes off. The fuel oil terminal and gas tanks are destroyed.

You can't get out of town because the roads are not plowed. The city begins to burn, because arson fires are set. There is no water to fight fires. The firehouses have been attacked and destroyed.

Most city police and firefighters who live outside the city can't report for duty. Besides, their first obligation is the survival of their own families, in such a situation.

The food stores are empty. Civil disorder breaks out with criminals, gangs and mobs running through neighborhoods pillaging and plundering. Most homeowner can't defend themselves or protect their loved ones and property because the Common Council implemented the recommendations of the City Gun Task Force. which opted to disarm law abiding citizens of their Second Amendment right to bear arms and protect themselves.

People, who have not prepared to survive, flee their homes. They run to their neighborhood churches, synagogues, schools seeking shelter, warmth, light, water and food, but these neighborhood institutions and facilities can offer nothing because they have failed to prepare.

No need to go on, you get the picture. Utter chaos, civil disorder, devestation, destruction, hardship and death. You can anticipate and propose many other scenarios. Just use your imagination.

You can be sure that the foreign terrorists and their allies, anti-social,native born malcontents, and illegal aliens, gangbangers, criminals, etc., are planning to strike, simultaneously, in ways that we are not anticipating. They are getting ready, but we are not!

Time is short, plan for your own survival and that of your family and loved ones. Encourage your neighborhood churches, synagogues, schools, pharmacies, health care providers, senior housing, etc. to do the same...without delay.

How and where to begin? Scroll through archives in this blog and Go to the websites and sources contained therein.

Immediately contact James Greene, Disaster Preparation Coordinator for the American Red Cross: , tel 458 8111 ext 3011, for information, literature.

Have Jim come to your church, synagogue, school to put on a program and share information/literature on what to do to prepare.

Delay not a day longer. Pass this information onto family and friends.

We are nearing the anniversary of the first 9-11 attack. We know our foe acts on symbolism. Our troops have the foe on the run in Iraq and Afghanistan. Osama, and crew, will not be safe much longer in their NW Pakistan mountain frontier hideouts. The end is near and they know it. They are getting desperate.

Who will strike first? We have the advantage, unless we suffer devestating, simultaneous strikes on the homeland, which will leave our troops, overseas at the mercy of the foe. because our homeland will be in chaos and ruin.

As General Tommy Franks (US Army ret) often says, his worst nightmare is that the U S will be plunged into martial law after such an attack on the homeland.

It goes without saying, the 2008 election, troopergate and all the rest of politics as usual, won't matter. Hillary or Obama, or Nancy Pelosi,or Harry Reid, or Chuckie, Eliot, Senator Joe, or Jerry won't be able to save you. Government at all levels is not prepared either.

Bottom line is that you and your loved ones have to save yourselves. No one else is prepared to.

So, as the rugged Navy Bosun's used to say: "Turn to! Let's see A........, and elbows!"

This is the last you will hear me urge you to get ready. I will be busy following my own advice.

Charles Darwin once postulated the theory "survival of the fittest".

That is precisely what will rule in the scenario outlined above.

No calls please, You are own your own!

J P Sullivan


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