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Saturday, June 23, 2007

A stroll through Buckingham Pond Park 6/23/07

A lovely, sunny, cool summer's day.

The pond water was relatively clear due to 3 or more recent applications of copper sulfate and the cool temperature last night. The solution to the algae problem in the pond is to be found in reducing and eliminating the excessive application of road salt on adjacent streets; and lawn chemicals on lawns within the pond watershed. The City has pumped more water into the pond in an efort to dilute the algae, as well as installing aerators.

How much copper sulfate can be dumped in the pond without adversely impacting bird and well as dogs that might venture into the pond?

The pond shoreline is in need of stabilization. Systematic planting of Red Osier Dogwood bushes and other water tolerant plants would accomplish this, as well as add visual beauty and wildlife habitat.

Jack has worked hard to keep the grass mowed, and it looked good. He needs some help trimming the long grass around trees and poles and brush along paths because ticks use the long grass and brush to launch onto humans and dogs who brush by. Ticks are more than a nuisance. They transmit Lyme and a variety of other debilitating diseases.

The paths need to be resurfaced with bluestone. The presence of too much fine, silty clay becomes a slippery hazard after rains fall and when the frost and snow come.

Several additional light posts are being installed along the Milner Ave bridge pathway.

Blue light emergency phones should be installed there, at the children's play area, at the east end of the pond and along the path between Lenox and Holmes Dale.

Vines and brush must be cut away from trees, particularly the young Hemlocks , other evergreens and hardwoods along Rafts Way , Berkshire South and Davis Ave parts of the park.

The aging cottonwoods are dying off and need to be replaced with a diversity of
conifers and hardwoods as well as flowering bushes.

Some graffiti is in evidence, but not as much as in the past.

Household trash and medical wastes are still beng dumped in the barrels located
at the Colonial Ave semi-circle, North side of pond. Solution is to move the barrels back away from the roadside. Offenders will be unable to do drive-by trash dumps and will be less likely to leave their vehicles and walk some distance into the park to dump their trash.

The City needs to do a better job planting and caring for more flowers in the park, particularly in planters and beds. More perennials are needed, as well as other wildflower seedings. Hanging baskets of flowers on Raft's Way are a welcome addition.

Park benches and picnic tables need to be cleaned , repaired and painted. The split rail fences , at Milner Ave bridge, East End Pond, and Davis Ave at Berkshire need repair and staining.




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