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Thursday, August 16, 2007




Trees, particulary younger ones, are being strangled by vines and underbrush.
The vines and underbrush must be cut and cleared. This problem is most acute
along the Southern and Western parts of the park.

The larger, older trees, are mostly cottonwoods that are nearing the end of
their lifespans. Young replacement trees, of different varieties, like oaks
maples, honey locusts, birches and others need to be planted now, so they have
time to take roots and grow, before the older trees come down.

The City Forester should conduct a survey of the pond park trees and come up
with a plan that includes, cutting and clearing vines and underbrush; and
planting replacement trees.

Who will do the work? City OGS/Parks Department supplemented by seasonal labor
hires and prisoners from the Corrections Facility on New Scotland Rd.


The Northern and Eastern shores of the pond are slumping into the pond. Trees
and bushes, that are water tolerant, need to be planted. Red Osier Dogwoods
are particularly suited for shoreline stabilization, and will provide striking
red color stems, in winter, which contrast nicely with snow and ice.

The soil creep and mass movement on the East end of the park is evidenced by
the guard rails and posts which are leaning downslope toard the water. If this
condition is allowed to continue, the road surface will collapse.

The South shore pathway at water level, and at times, is flooded or wet. Old
concrete should be used to construct a seawall, along that part of the shore
from Euclid to Lenox. Clean fill should be added alongside the path and Red
Osier Dogwoods planted to stabilize the shoreline.


is putrid. It needs to be treated with copper sulfate, because the algae flows
from the holding pond into the larger pond making it more difficult to keep
pond water clear.

The holding pond should be fenced and no tresspassing signs posted to reduce
chances that children or adults may fall into the holding pond and drown in
the murkey water. Rails are missing from the Milner Ave bridge, allowing
easy access to the holding pond.


Some fine, powdery gravel has been added to parts of the path ways. This will
become very slippery when wet or icy. The path ways need to be improved with
coarser blue stone which will provide better traction for walkers in wet
weather and winter.


Yard wastes are still being dumped along Rafts Way and Davis Ave margins
of the park. Household ad other wastes are being dumped in the trash barrels
by the childrens play area. Move the barrels further from the road and semi
circle and this will stop the drive by dumping. Watch for the residents who
live on Davis, Colonial and Holmes Dale (along Rafts Way) and are dumping
grass clippings, leaves and other yard wastes into the park. Ticket them if
the do not heed warnings to stop.


along the Milner Ave pathway is a welcome addition. However, blue light
Emergency call boxes still need to be installed at key locations around
the park, as described in earlier posts on this site.


from excessive numbers of ducks/geese, around the children's play area
and pathways leading to the picnic area oppsite the semi-circle parking
area, present a health hazard to children, adults and pets who use these
areas. Recall that a bird flu pandemic can still occur.

Prohibitions against feeding ducks/geese must be obeyed and strictly enforced.


The City has neglected flower planting in the park. A greater variety of
perennials, and wildflowers should be planted.

J P Sullivan



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