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Wednesday, March 22, 2017


UPDATE" At the Mayor's
direction, the Council enacted
Rezone Albany by a vote of 
12 to 3 on May 15,

The Rezone Albany effort
Ord. 26.31.17
is moving ahead quickly.

The City Planning Board
Public Hearing will be held
at City Hall Tues, March 28
5:30 PM.

The Common Council  Public
Hearing will be held at City
Hall, Mon, April 3, 7 PM.

Go online to view the zoning
district map. Pay close attention
to definitions and permitted
uses in each proposed zoning

The Bach Public Library has
the details available also, for
those who wish to view hard

The proposed rezone Albany
changes will impact our
neighborhood residential and
integrity and quality of life
as well as your property values
and property taxes.

Neighborhood residents are
urged to submit your comments
objections and recommendations
to the Planning Board and
Common Council, in writing
for entry into the hearing
record  before the hearings.

You may attend the hearings
and comment, but be advised
that the Common Council
Chamber public section is
extremely small with limited

Read my March 6 post this


Current R 1B Single family residential
zoning districts exist to protect the
residential integrity, quality of life
home values and city property tax

Single family residential zoned
neighborhoods, like ours, pay the
lion's share of property taxes that
support city government services
and city schools.

Neighborhood residents are urged
to study the proposed Rezone Albany
changes that pertain to our existing
single family residential zoning district.

Be prepared to oppose any changes
that would dilute the protections that
the existing zoning affords our, and
similarly zoned single family residential


Mayor Sheehan is quoted as saying .....
"Sometimes we found the enemy, and
the enemy is us...."   The Mayor is spot
on with this self analysis.

The statement of City  Zoning Appeals
Board, chairman, Richard Berkley saying
"the new rules would focus on what Albany
wants to see built in various neighborhoods"
is further evidence that the present City
Administration is the enemy of  home owners
in existing single family residential zoning
districts in the City of Albany.

Home owners should have the last word
regarding what can not be built in their
neighborhoods...not an elitist Mayor
and her elitist political appointees.

The Common Council should table the
Rezone Albany  proposal.

Any proposed zoning changes should
appear as November General Election
ballot propositions in the various
neighborhoods/wards impacted
by those proposed changes.

                                    Joe Sullivan



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