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Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Signs in Buckingham Pond Park
warn - not to feed ducks and geese.

Yet, every year people feed the
birds. Ducks and geese populations
of the little pond increase.

So do bird droppings on pathways.

People, their children and pets
trod through the bird droppings
inhaling them, tracking them home
on their shoes and paws.

Some children and pets may even
sample a bird dropping snack.

Geese often become aggressive
if they  don't get their handouts
or when charged by screeching
urchins wanting to pet the cute

So go ahead and continue to
ignore the do not feed the bird

You might get a fine..or worse
expose yourselves, children and
pets to  bird flu... or maybe lyme
or one of the other 8 or so diseases
transmitted by ticks which hitch
rides on the migrating geese and


                               Joe Sullivan


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