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Sunday, February 26, 2017


Strict enforcement of speed
limits required.

No passing on the right, no
tailgating, distracted driving.

The intersection of Lenox
Buckingham. New Scotland
and Harding is exhibit A.

Fire hydrants, utility poles
trees and residential lawns
have been damaged numerous
times by speeding, reckless

The hydrant at Harding and
New Scotland was hit so many
times that it was moved to
its present location.

The hydrant at Buckingham
and Lenox has been hit many

The crosswalk pole on the
opposite corner was  recently
wiped out.

Homeowners at 729 New
Scotland have had their hedges
mowed down by speeding
out of control vehicles more
times than they care to recall.                                                                                                             

The aging Crimson Maple
in front of 735 News Scotland
bears the scars of being hit
by trucks and city buses driving
in the parking lane. It was also
scene of a fatality a few years

Metal from a tractor trailer
roof is embedded in a Maple
tree in front of 745 New
Scotland. Another example
of oversized vehicles passing
on the right in the parking lane.

Passing on the right is a
major hazard from the above
intersection to Krum Kill Rd.

The intersection of Euclid
and New Scotland has been
the site of several recent
fatalities with speeding
vehicles running into trees
and one into the front steps
of a residence.

A review of police accident
reports documents all of the
above and much more.

Why have the Mayor and
Common Council Members
who purport to represent
this corridor NOT acted to
address public safety issues?

The quality of life and public
safety in this corridor have
shapely declined since 1998
when it was designated block
of the year.

                           Joe Sullivan


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