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Monday, February 13, 2017


Mayor Sheehan and Mayoral
Wannabe Carolyn McLaughlin
support Albany being a sanctuary
city for illegal aliens and refugees.

15th Ward Alderman Commisso
is not sure Albany is a sanctuary

How much federal aid will Albany
lose because of being a sanctuary

How many illegals and refugees
are already here? At what cost to
local property taxpayers?

How many are in Albany County?
At what cost?

How much federal aid does Albany
County receive?

Can Albany City with a 12 million 
hole in this year's city budget afford
to lose federal aid because of being
a sanctuary city?

Can Albany county afford the loss
of federal aid for being a sanctuary

Can Albany City and county tax
payers withstand increased 
property taxes to pay the costs 
of illegals and refugees already
here, and 
the increased property taxes that
will be necessary to offset loss of
federal aid as a result of sanctuary

Are Albany City and county 
residents proud that their elected
officials, who support sanctuary 
status  are law breakers who are
violating their oaths of office?

The citizens of Albany deserve a
full accounting from City and
County elected officials of the 
numbers and costs of sanctuary 
status before June
when candidates for city, town and
county public offices in the 2017
primary and General Election begin
gathering petition signatures to
qualify for the ballot.

In addition, all candidates should
declare their stand for or against
sanctuary status.

Read this to get some idea of how
much federal aid is at stake in major


                                 Joe Sullivan


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