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Thursday, April 14, 2016


A grand day. Paddy and Mick
enjoyed a walk around the pond

The City has been at work.

Dangerous dead trees overhanging
the footpath between Euclid and
Lenox, South side, have been cut

The eroded footpath at  Euclid
is patched with blue stone rock
flour, which will easily wash away
with the next heavy rains.

Litter has been picked up along
Rafts Way and around the silting 
pond. Dumped yard wastes remain.

Replacement trees  need planting
bordering the road because existing
Sycamores have been damaged by road salt.

Walking along the North Shore
from the foot of Euclid to the
picnic area. blue green algae
blooms can be observed in the
in the shallow water a few feet

A mild winter and ample
sun light allowed the blooms
to winter over and thrive. The
blooms are sure to be a problem
this year, especially when the
run off of lawn chemicals from
homes in the pond watershed

The wooded path South side
between Lenox and Holmes Dale
needs a lot of work. Cut vines
that are killing trees. A lot of
dead wood could be cut and
stacked at Holmes Dale for
use as firewood by local residents.
The footpath at Holmes Dale is
badly eroded.

The young Willow growing
near the foot of Lenox, North
Side looks great. 

More young willows and red
osier dogwoods need to be 
planted to stabilize and reduce
shoreline erosion and slumping
which is gradually filling the pond
creating shallow water where
sun light, road salt and lawn
chemical run off combine to form 
an environment where algae blooms

                           Joe Sullivan


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